NEWS OF 2019

19 DEC 2019

Meet with CGM(T), WBTC

CS met CGMT WBTC along with CP Com. P.K. Roy, CWC Member Com. S.Awon and ACS(T) Com. Somenath Ghosh on 18.12.2019 to discuss Post VRS activities and other issues.

CS brief the outcomes of the SNEA CHQ meeting with CSs held on 25.11.2019 & 26.11.2019 at New Delhi.

Details SSA wise discussion took place to continue the services uninterruptedly on post VRS ie after 31.01.2020.

CGM told Circle has sufficient number of manpower to continue our service in WBTC on Post VRS . After VRS, the available manpower only to be deployed for manning the in-house installations & out field activities within the SSA.

Except CSC and BTS optimisation activities , Circle don't have any plan for outsourcing. Services will be maintained with in-house manpower, listed casual labours and others.

CGM also informed that till date no such concrete plan for post VRS came from corporate office and on stop gap solution may be done with minimum need base transfer posting and look after arrangement will be given to meet-up the requirements.

It is principally decided that BA ( Business Area ) concept will be strongly implemented , SSA will be leaded by AGM only, and AGM of SSA will directly report to BA head.

On persuasion of release order of TDM/Suri , CGM informed that the release order of TDM suri will be issued and TDM charge will be given to the Senior most executive of Suri.

CS request CGM to post a regular AGM(HR/Admin) at circle office.

CS request CGM to bring back of executives to parent SSA who applied for VRS. CGM agreed and assured to issue order for the willing candidates after 2nd week of January.

CS request CGM to forward application to Corporate Office for withdrawal/opting of VRS after closing the window, if anyone submit the application before CGM. CGM inform that some clear guidelines for the same is about to be issued on next Monday, thereafter he will act accordingly.

13 DEC 2019

Meet with GM(HR/ Admin)

On 12.12.2019, CS along with ACS(HQ), CWC Member AWON and ACS(T) meet with GM(HR/ Admin) to discuss about post VRS activities.

GM(HR/Admin) inform that as of now no such plan to run the show post VRS. With existing manpower only the Post VRS situation is to be managed and as per requirements of Delloit, data are being prepared.

CS request GM(HR/Admin) to bring back the employees to their parent SSA who applied for VRS and presently working in other SSAs.
GM(HR/Admin) principally agreed and assured to discuss it with CGM.

It is therefore requested to convey all those members who applied for VRS and serving in other SSA, if he/she is willing to go back to his/her parent SSA, please ask them to submit prayer before CGMT and advance copy may be sent to Circle Body for persuasion.


19 NOV 2019

AUAB defers the Relay Hunger Fast

Director (HR) called a meeting of the AUAB leaders on 18.11.2019. In the meeting, Management, especially Director (HR) response was very positive on the burning issues like salary payment, wages of contract workers, remittance of recoveries, clarifications of VRS related issues, EB/rental payment and discussion on the road map for the maintenance activities in post VRS scenario.

During the discussion Director, assured that salary will be paid by the month end and efforts are going on. The collection is now kept aside for salary purpose. After last month salary payment, BSNL was made 800 Cr payment towards statutory dues in addition to some payments on rentals, EB, labour etc.

Discussion will be held with AUAB on 26.11.2019, 6 pm (as per the convenience of AUAB) regarding the future Road map.

Considering the seriousness shown by the management to address the employees concerns and involve the stake holders for serious discussions for finalizing the future road map, AUAB decided to defer the Relay Hunger Fast from 20.11.2019 for the time being.

18 NOV 2019

AUAB calls the Relay Hunger Fast

On 18.11.19 a meeting was held with all AUAB leaders of WB. From SNEA President, CS, CT, ACS(HQ), ACS(T), CWC member Com. Srikanta Awon and Circle Vice President Com. Mihir Bose attended the meeting.

CS SNEA explained in details on the demands of AUAB ensuing Agitation Programme from
20th to 22nd Nov’2019 and he also explained in details statistics of VRS.

Finally it was decided to observe the Hunger fast from 20th to 22 nd November 2019 from 10 AM
at Circle & SSA HQs level . But main focus will be on Lunch Hour program. There should not be any hard and fast to sit for the hunger fast, only willing members may participate.

All Circle Office Bearers, CWC members, Zonal Secretaries and Zonal Office Bearers are requested to take organizational measures in this regard.

Charter of Demands

1. Immediate Payment of Salary by BSNL/DoT, remittance of recoveries, payment of wages to contract/casual workers, payment of electricity and rental charges.

2. Spell out the road map for maintaining BSNL services in post VRS scenario, proposed restructuring plan and immediate launching of 4G Services.

3. Immediate clarifications on the VRS-2019 regarding i) Pay Revision, ii) Pension Revision, iii) Commutation of Pension and iv) Gratuity sought by AUAB, well before the closing date of option for VRS.

4. Extend 100% of IDA (119.5%) neutralization till the implementation of 3rd PRC

5. Delinking of Pension Revision from the Pay Revision of working employees and 30% Superannuation benefits to BSNL directly recruited employees.

6. No Reduction of Retirement Age from 60 to 58 honouring the agreement at the time of formation of BSNL. 

4 NOV 2019

Com Pranav Laha, SDE/Durgapur

We are very much shocked to know that Com. P.K.Laha is no more. The WB Circle body remember Com. Laha at last AGB of Durgapur Branch. He was posted at Suri also.

 May his soul rest in peace. Let's convey our heartfelt condolences to his family members and his nearest colleagues for the unbearable losses.

9 SEP 2019

meeting with CGM, West Bengal Circle

A meeting with CGMT/WBTC was held on 06.09.2019 in the chamber of CGM where Circle Secretary, Circle President and Srikanta Awon, CWC member were present. Prolonged discussion took place on HR issues related to GMT/KGP Office shifting, Transfer of Executives from Telecom Stores to West Bengal Circle, Release of SDEs whose transfer order are already issued by Corporate Office prior to 15.07.2019, Issue of rotational transfer order for the Executives working in sensitive posts etc. in respect to developmental issues, we discussed very seriously & put proposal to hold meeting with concerned senior officers, business heads & Unions / Association to implement FTTH connections in West Bengal through LCO/MSO/TIP and to raise the maintenance fund to run the West Bengal Circle immediately. CGM appreciated our issues and assured to take immediate action on all the issues discussed.


meeting with GM/HR, West Bengal Circle

Circle Secretary Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle President Com. Pradip Kumar Roy and CWC Member Com. Srikanta Awon met GM (HR & Admin), WBTC on 05.09.2019 and had discussion on the following issues -
Space allotment at RCH Building in TS Establishment (3rd & 5th Floor) for ETP, Ultadanga Office. GM told that she conveyed the matter to GM,TS to take necessary measures.
Officiating Pay Protection issue - We expressed our strong resentment to GM in this regard as the appropriate actions are not being taken by her office to resolve this issue. GM assured to take necessary actions to resolve this issue at the earliest.
Endorsement of Corporate Office Order , issued on 04.09.2019 regarding release of the officers from the respective circles whose inter circle Transfer Order was issued prior 15.07.19. We requested GM(HR & Admin) to release (a) Sri Kalyan Dalal,SDE, KGP, (b) Sri Sandip Paul, SDE, BHB and (c) Sri Vedprakash Verma, SDE, Mktg, CO WBTC as they are in the purview of the said Order.
(iv) Transfer of Smt. Sujata Chowdhury, AGM, TS and Sri Rajat Bhattacharya, AGM, TS to Circle Office or to CAL SSA as per their prayer.
(v) To post some regular SDE/AGM to EB, Circle Office under GM( Mktg & EB ) as AGM, EB will retire in the month of December 2019 and in the next month ie in January 2020 DGM,EB also retire . We demanded this as EB is one of the important establishments to have opportunity to earn revenue in this crucial juncture of BSNL.
Inter Circle Prayer Transfer of AGMs and DGMs to their parent Circle from WBTC who have already completed more than two years in WBTC - we requested GM (HR & Admin) to pursue this issue with Corporate Office.
(vii) Posting of regular
AGM to KSH SSA as only one regular AGM is serving in KSH SSA and his inter circle prayer transfer order may be issued from Corporate Office as he has already completed more than two years in WBTC.
Kharagpur Office shifting issue - we discuss this issue elaborately and have shown our strong resentment on the decision of SSA head in this regard. We requested GM(HR & Admin) to intervene in this regard.
(ix) Posting field training of LICE JTOs who completed the Ph-I training.

Pensioners Welfare Association

The Executives retired from BSNL decided to form a Pensioners Welfare Association. Com G L Jogi and Com S L Reddy, former GS and President of SNEA taking the lead in this regard. The CWC discussed the matter and decided to extend solidarity and support to the new initiative. The new Pensioners Welfare Association leaders declared that their focus will be on i) Pension Revision for the Govt pensioners retired from BSNL and ii) support all the struggles for the revival of BSNL.

26 AUG  2019

CEC meeting of SNEA, West Bengal Circle

The Circle Executive Meeting OF West Bengal Circle started on 10/08/2019 morning at Telecom Factory Campus, Kolkata with great enthusiasm and with hoisting of flag of SNEA by Com Pradip Kumar Roy, President, SNEA/WB Circle. Almost all the Zonal secretaries, Circle Office Bearers, CWC members and CEC members attended the meeting. One minute silence was observed for the departed souls in the beginning of the morning session, followed by the welcome address of Circle President. Then session continues  with reports from Zonal Secretaries of West Bengal Circle. The Zonal Secretaries highlighted membership status in their respective zones along with present problems/difficulties faced while working in field. The major points discussed were non availability of minimum fund to run the day to day maintenance works , Mobile network problem, Media problem due to random fiber cut, Broadband issue, acute shortage of staff & Executives in different cadres, absence of adequate equipment and spares/stores, ERP related issues, contractual  labours’ non payment of wages  issues etc. CS Com Tapas Ghosh addressed every individual issue and promised to look into the cases to have a solution.

 On the second day of the Executive meeting, elaborate discussion took place  on the present scenario in BSNL, revival plan of BSNL, restructuring and  different key HR issues, the latest updates on E2-E3 standard pay scale,  Cadre hierarchy, 3rd PRC implementation, superannuation benefits of BSNL recruited executives, Pay anomaly of 2007-08 recruited JTOs, reduction of superannuation age, VRS implementation, land monetization  etc. CEC took some resolutions on  reduction of superannuation age, VRS implementation, pension revision etc. for discussion in the ensuing CWC meeting to be held at Bangalore on 29th & 30th August 2019. Some organizational resolutions were also passed by the CEC meeting, specially on reorientation of Zones and on other issues.  

Participants in the CEC, Kolkata : 2019 Leaders of Calcutta Telephones and West Bengal Circle

The second half was Joint CEC of West Bengal Circle and Calcutta Telephone Circle . In the beginning of the second half, AGS Com. Dilip Saha addressed the August house on the present scenario in BSNL and also  inspired the members through his informative speech. The only agenda of the Joint CEC was “ Discussion on TEOA BHAVAN “. On behalf of Calcutta Telephone Circle (CTC) Com. Sankar Sanyal, Circle President of CTC, Com. Somen Ghosh, Circle Secretary of CTC and other Circle Office Bearers & Circle Executives of CTC attended the Jt. CEC and also delivered their opinions on the said agenda. The Circle Executives as well as CS, CP of West Bengal Circle also expressed their views in this regard. All most all the CEC members including CSs & CPs of both the Circles expressed views in favour of utilization of TEOA BHAVAN for the beloved members of our association at the time of their need and one committee headed by Com. Uttam Das, AGM/ CAL SSA as Chairman was approved by the Jt. CEC to evaluate the possibilities for the best utilization of TEOA BHAVAN for our beloved members. The members of the said committee are   (i) CP,WBC, (ii) CP,CTC, (iii) CS, WBC, (iv) CS, CTC, (v) CT, WBC, (vi) CT, CTC.

26  JULY 2019

Com Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary,  Com P K Roy, President,  A Sarbadhikari, ACS and CWC member S Awon met the CGM, TF on 24/7/19 along with ACS TF M Bhuiya & ZS SE Zone, S Kunai at his chamber. Different issues discussed mainly existence of TF, production of TF to continue and transfer issue of SDE TF/ KGP Sri Somenath Datta.

We visited TF Alipore where ensuing CEC is going to be held on 10th & 11th August 2019. There we also met the GM, TF Alipore as a courtesy meet as well as intimation for holding of CEC.

23  JULY 2019

Circle Executive Committee meeting

The next Circle Executive Committee meeting of SNEA, West Bengal Circle going to be held on August 10 and 11, 2019 at Kolkata Telecom Factory Campus. All Circle Office Bearers, CWC members, Zonal Secretaries and CEC members of West Bengal Circle, SNEA are requested to attend the CEC Meeting on 10.08.2019 at 11 AM.

Please fix up the schedule of journeys and stays accordingly those who will coming from different SSA and also requested to inform Com. Srikanta Awon and Com. Jayanta Mitra the total no of delegates who will attend the said CEC meeting from the respective Zone prior to 31.07.2019 so that Circle Body may arrange accommodation properly.

Please click for the formal notice *****

22  JULY  2019
The Co-Ordination Committee of SNEA ASANSOL SSA met the CGMT, WBTC while he was at Durgapur on July 20, 2019. Com Kajal Chakraborty, Convenor of this committee along with other comrades expressed their grievances and demands as the members are facing lot of troubles and problems during their sincere attempts to restore better services at that areas.

During that meeting the Com Chakraborty handed over the memorandum to the CGMT for his kind intervention and betterment of services. Please click for the Memorandum copy  ooooo 


21  JUNE  2019

Circle Office Bearers’ meeting with Zonal Secretaries was held on 18.06.2019 at Telephone Bhavan, 6 th Floor at 5 PM. Almost all Kolkata based Circle Office Bearers and Zonal Secretaries attended the meeting. Elaborate discussion took place on the issues ( 4G, 3rd PRC, Superannuation age reduction, VRS, Pending Standard Pay Scale Issues, ensuing Promotions , revival of BSNL etc.) prevailing now in BSNL. Most of issues are being pursued by CHQ and development on the issues are also being updated in our CHQ website.

We were very much concerned to discuss the issues which are highlighted in the minutes of meeting, held at Corporate Office with CGM,WBTC on 11.06.2019 and subsequently the issues, highlighted in the minutes of the meeting held on 12.06.209 in the chamber of CGM, WBTC with GMs. It is decided that all Zonal Secretaries of WBTC to give feedback - how the agenda of minutes of the said meetings are being implemented in the SSAs and how it will affect on HR issues & financial implications. It is also decided in the meeting that CEC meeting may be held on 10th & 11th August 2019 at Telecom Factory Campus, Kolkata. It is requested to all the Zonal Secretaries to hold GB meeting and to convey the critical situation of WBTC as well as to find out the measures in respect of revival of SSAs. Month of June and July are very important to us as we get the opportunity for our mighty Association to increase membership.

14  JUNE  2019

Circle Office bearers meeting will be held on 18/6/19 at the 6th floor of Telephone Bhavan at 4 pm. All Circle Office bearers and CWC members are requested to attend the meeting positively and in time. ZSs may attend the meeting .s

4  JUNE  2019

Meeting with the CGMT/WBTC and GM/HR & Admn/WBTC

Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary & Com. P.K.Roy, Circle President met CGM, WBTC at his chamber on 1-6-19 and elaborate discussion took place on the following issues :

a) Release of Com Kalyanbrata Dalal, SDE/ KGP, Com Sandip Pal, AGM(L/A),BHB and Com Bed Prakash Verma, SDE(EB), Circle Office from WBTC vide Corporate Office order. We have requested CGM to take necessary actions in this regard.
b) Cancellation of transfer order of Com. Nityananda Goswami, AGM(HR & Admin), WBTC from WBTC to Assam. It is told by CGM that he is very much concerned with the issue and necessary pursuasion is being done from his office to concerned authority of corporate office.
c) Withdrawal of “dias non without break in service” order of Com. Balai Das, AGM(L/A),RNJ. -CGM assured to look into the case sympathetically.
d) We appreciate the move of CGM WBTC i.r.t the utilization of man power at CAL SSA but also emphasized to maintain the same at Circle Office as well as at other SSA level for finance executives & non-executives also.
e) We welcome biometric attendance system to regain the office discipline, but side by side requested to use the man power for the growth of the business.
f) We argued vividly for immediate transfer of the accounts executives who are holding the sensitive post at Circle Office in excess of their tenure period.
g) Case of Arup Chowdhury, JTO/ Suri SSA is discussed, CGM assured to take necessary measures for waiving off the late fee charges against the bill raised on 02.08.2018 in respect of the service mobile connection after getting the representation through proper channel.
h) We again requested to allot room for SNEA, West Bengal Circle being the only recognized Executives ‘ Association of BSNL as per Corporate Office decision.

Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, Com. Srikanta Awon, CWC Member and Com. Mihir Bose , Vice-President net GM(HR & Admin), WBTC on 03.06.2019 and discussed almost all the said issues. We have shown our strong resentment to GM(HR & Admin) for issuance one pick and choose transfer order in the grade of PA at Circle Office and requested to take corrective measures in this regard.

2  MAY  2019s

                                    A Courtesy meeting with newly joined CGMT WBTC Mr. Ramakant Sharma took place on 25.04.2019 by our Beloved CS Mr. Tapas Ghosh, CP Mr. Pradip Kumar Roy, ACS(HQ) Mr. Ashish Sarbadhakari, CWC Member Mr. Srikant Awon and ACS(T) Mr. Somenath Ghosh. 

                                CS present a flower bouquet along with most famous Mrityunjay Sweets to our newly joined CGMT sir. CGMT WBTC pleased to received it, CGMT also welcome all representative of SNEA for the Courtesy meeting. CS first introduce all representative of SNEA WB. CS brief about the present situation of BSNL WBTC in all aspect. As no CGM is staying here more than 1/2 years - this is one of the main reason for the present horrible situation of WBTC: CS also inform to CGMT. 

                                CS also brief about the field issues. CGMT WBTC listen all with great interest, and he assured he will try his level best for WBTC. CS also assure SNEA is always with CGMT for Development of WBTC. The meeting continued for about an hour.

10  APR  2019

SNEA Circle body Office bearer team lead by CS Com.Tapas Ghosh along with CP Com. P.K.Roy ,CWC Member Com. S.Awon , ACS[HQ] Com. A.K.Sarbadhikari & COZS Com. T.K. Ghosh met with GM[HR-Admn] on 08.04.2019 along with  AGM[HR-Admn] & SDE[S-1]. The agenda of discussion mainly  on Pay Protection. CS Com.Tapas Ghosh has apprised  the issue elaborately with proper supporting documents and relevant orders. GM [HR-Admn] and others from administration part also interacted to clear the doubts. At the end of this eventful discussion, GM[HR-Admn] assured to take necessary actions to resolve the issue.

8  APR  2019

Meeting with GM[HR] and DGM[FIN] WBTC

CS Com. Tapas Ghosh, CP Com. P.K.Roy accompanied by CWC Member Com. S.Awon, ACS[HQ] Com. A.K.Sarbadhikari and ZS (Circle Office Zone) Com. Tapas Kumar Ghosh had an elaborate discussion with GM[HR-Admn] at her chamber on 06.04.2019 on following issues,-
(i) CO letter regarding hand-over of EZBC Nodal to CTD:- CS conveyed a clear message on behalf of SNEA, WBTC that option if is asked for in the process of hand-over, it should be for all cadres irrespective of any special cadre/wing , specially for Executive Cadre. How the hand-over procedure can be done in a smooth way that also was the part of discussion. SNEA WBTC team lead by CS has suggested few points as per CO guidelines in this regard. GM [HR-Admn] has assured that administration will take care and handle the issue without creating any litigation keeping this valuable suggestion and fruitful discussion in mind.
(ii) SNEA WBTC team has also discussed on mutual transfer and suggested how it can be materialised without raising any anomaly. GM [HR-Admn] has promised that fast initiative will be taken in this regard.
(iii) Discussion has also been made on the point of fully implementation of SDEs’ Transfer order. GM [HR-Admn] informed that appropriate measures had already been taken by her good office as per Corporate Office guidelines.

Later, SNEA WBTC team lead by CS has also meet DGM [Fin], WBTC and had discussion on some issues.

6  APR  2019

MASSIVE RALLY by the BSNL employees and executives from all circles leadership to SANCHAR BHAVAN on 05.04.2019 by All Unions & Associations in BSNL [AUAB] at New Delhi .
3  APR  2019

8th circle conference

8th circle conference of BSNLEU, West Bengal Circle was held at Bolpur, Suri SSA from 29th March To 31st. March 2019.On 30th one Seminar was organised on the subject "Crisis in BSNL, how to overcome & our task". On behalf of our Association Com. Kajal Chakrabarty, Vice President, Circle Body attended the seminar and addressed the August House elaborately on the subject. He was also expressed our stand in the present situation

22   MAR  2019

Restoration of disconnected WBSEDCL power connections

GM(CFA & TX) & GM(HR & A) took appointment on 20.03.2019 with CMD WBSEDCL to submit the letter written by CGM, WBTC to the CMD, WBSEDCL  not to disconnect any BSNL Establishment during election period and restore all disconnected establishment of BSNL immediately. Due to some urgent work CMD left his office and instructed CE(Distribution)/WBSEDCL to look into the matter. GM(CFA & TX) & GM(HR & A) along with Sri Somnath Ghosh, JTO(MM), Circle Office met CE(Distribution)/WBSEDCL and he assured GM(CFA & TX) & GM(HR & A) that he will instruct all Divisional Managers not to disconnect any BSNL establishment and reconnect the establishment immediately. he also conveyed to meet respective Divisional Managers to provide the list of establishments where disconnected made so that they can immediately restore it.

It is requested to all SSA, please meet immediately with the concerned Divisional Managers of WBSEDCL and produce them the letter of CGM sir and exact list of exchanges(Containing Exchange/BTS name, Consumer no. Address etc) where disconnected made so that they can immediately reconnect it, and also put a word not to disconnect further.

Sri Somnath Ghosh, JTO(MM), Circle Office talked with Addl. Chief Electoral Officer WB regarding the same, she told if WBSEDCL will not take immediate action to reconnect the disconnected the sites then that may be conveyed to her.

So all Zonal / District Secretaries are requested to grab the opportunity to restore all disconnected Exchanges/BTS/OLTs etc.

20   MAR  2019

meeting was called by CGM, WBTC

A meeting was called by CGM, WBTC on 04.03.2019 at the Conference Hall, 1st Floor, CTO Building at 1:30 pm with the representatives of AUAB, WB Circle  to discuss the constraints prevailing in different verticals in WBTC and to find out the measures to resolve the constraints with our available resources in respect to manpower also. Circle Secretary along with other Circle Office Bearers of each and every constituent Associations & Unions of AUAB, WB Circle ( BSNLEU, NFTEBSNL, AIBSNLEA and SNEA ) attended the meeting. On behalf of our Association Circle Secretary, Circle President, Vice President (Com. Mihir Bose), ACS(HQ), ACS(T) and CWC member (Com. S. Awon) were present in the meeting. On behalf of Management CGM, WBTC and PGM(CM) along with Chief Engineer ( Electrical ) were present in the meeting. Prolonged discussion took place in each and every Vertical with the conclusion what to be done for the revival of WBTC. Some points of discussion are highlighted below -
(i) The total No of average faulty BTSs in WBTC are about 600 - sincere efforts are needed to reduce the no of faulty BTSs.
(ii) The total No of Halted BTSs in WBTC is 172 as on date - maximum is in Raiganj SSA (43), then Calcutta SSA (23), Bankura SSA (19), Kharagpur SSA (19), Purulia SSA(18), Asansol SSA (16) and no Halted BTS in Malda & Coochbehar SSA. Necessary actions to be taken for restoration of these Halted BTSs and it is discussed in the meeting that if there is no way to restore then we have to close down the BTSs.
(iii) As per CGM version, the tools are available for optimisation and training is also completed. But no fruitful actions are not yet been taken till date .
(iv) As per CGM , 4G May rollout first in WBTC at Siliguri & Gangtok.
(v) Review by the SSAs & Circle Office is very much needed to find out actually how many IP BTSs are to continue out of 317 IP BTSs. We are aware of the fact that we have to pay around Rs. 35,000/- per month per IP BTS. So we have to analyse whether we are earning revenue at least Rs.35,000/- per IP BTS per month. It is learnt that we are not earning Rs.35,000/- per month for a good no of IP BTSs ie we have to surrender those BTSs as well as we have to find out the location to built up our BTS instead of IP BTS to be surrendered to maintain our network without any haggard.
(vi) Tower sharing was done till date about 25%  of total existing BTSs in WBTC ie , about420 BTSs are shared with other operators. Last year we have earned 23cr from tower sharing and this year we earned 40crore revenue from sharing whereas we will earn this year from our mobile customer base in WBTC about 50crores. We requested CGM to give the list of IP towers to be surrendered and another list of BTSs which are to be shared with other operators.
vii) CGM explained the CFA products to be sold by the franchises as per the corporate office guidelines .We advised that SDO(T)s and JTO(Extl)s should sit with the enlisted franchises to sell our CFA products (LL,BB,FTTH etc.) where our network is working good. We can promote CFA franchises for FTTH connections and our external field officers should take best efforts to contact with the local cable operators. After Mobile we can earn revenue from FTTH.
viii ) NGN(CDOT) and NGN (NT) migration is going on in WBTC. For NGN switches electric consumption is one third of existing consumption.For existing switches 48-50amp load is needed for 1k switch whereas same capacity of NGN switch requires only 15-16amps and 1.5TR Split AC is sufficient to maintain the desired temperature upto 5k NGN switch. It is decided to expedite the NGN conversation process.
xi ) Closure of remote Exchanges having less LL connectivity was also one of the agenda for discussion. We advised revenue against expenditure should be reviewed in this regard.
x) Proper initiative and planning to be taken for implementation of CPAN to get stable media.
 We proposed to CGM to take necessary measures for centralised bill payment.
It is learnt from CE(E),Electrical present in the meeting that Electrical wing already had taken necessary measures in the field units to reduce the electricity bill cost. As per his version before 2years in WBTC the total expenditure incurred for electricity was 88crores per year and it was reduced last year to 79crores and it is expected for the current financial year the said expenditure will be reduced to 72crores. CE(E) assured to take immediate measures for centralised bill payment. He advised to check Battery backup and conditions of ACs for each and every installation and accordingly to take necessary actions by concerned field officers. We should also take the efforts to monitor the electricity bills against the existing load, working equipments & traffic and subsequently to take necessary actions  in respect of misuse if any.
xi) The Details discussion took place for NOFAN also.

25 FEB  2019

AUAB West Bengal Circle and Calcutta Telephone District Circle met Anuradha Mitra, Member Finance, DOT on 22.02.2019 at Kolkata and discussed our issues and submitted memorandum as per the strategy  laid by the AUAB, New Delhi. Please see the TEXT

25 FEB  2019

AUAB leaders of WB Circle met with CGMT, WBTC on 22.02.2019 to apprise the post agitational situation. AUAB told CGM that 3 days strike was observed by the members of the constituent Associations & Unions of AUAB sincerely in WBTC and we also expressed our serious concern for revival of WBTC.
CGM told that he has gone through deeply in the day to day operational & maintenance activities in each and every vertical in WBTC and is delivering sincere efforts to implement his ideas for the revival of WBTC. CGM expressed his views how the revival of WBTC is possible by utilising only our available resources & man-power. AUAB of WBTC requested CGM to call a meeting with AUAB on 4th March,2019 to share the revival plan and subsequently we assured to extend cooperation and support. CGM agreed to conduct the said meeting on 4th March2019 at 1pm in CTO Building. Therefore, all the Circle Office Bearers, CWC members,Zonal Secretaries, Zonal Office Bearers and beloved members are requested to share their valuable thoughts in this group i.e what are the constraints, problems prevailing in the SSAs to be resolved as well as what are the measures to be taken in days to come for revival so that we can participate in the said meeting with fully equipped.
18 FEB  2019

3 days All India STRIKE in BSNL started at WB circle

The AUAB held it's crucial meeting today. General Secretaries / senior leaders of BSNLEU, NFTE, AIBSNLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA, BSNL MS, ATM, TEPU and BSNL OA participated. The meeting reviewed the preparations going on throughout the country for the 3 day strike. All the General Secretaries gave their reports on the preparations. It is very encouraging to note that, excellent preparations are going on. Especially, the momentum has picked up tremendously in the last 2 days.

After considering all the factors, the meeting unanimously decided to go ahead with the strike. The strike starts from midnight (00:00 hrs.) today. Press release from the AUAB leadership  >>>>>>>>>

Glimpses of 3 DAYS STRIKE participations : 18-20 February 2019 at call of All Unions and Associations of BSNL

Coochbehar Telephone Exchange CTTC and EZBC Salt Lake Gangtok, Sikkim
Siliguri Telephone Exchange  CTO Kolkata South Gate  Telecom Factory Kolkata


16 FEB  2019

 CGM (WBTC)   Press   Release

Click For Document

15 FEB  2019

3 DAYS STRIKE FROM 18.02.2019

Make extensive preparations at Circle/SSA/Branch level by conducting combined meetings and door to door campaign.


(1)   Implementation of 3rd Pay Revision with 15% fitment.

(2)   Allotment of 4G spectrum to BSNL, as per the proposals submitted by the BSNL Management.

(3)   Implement assurance of the Hon Minister of State for Communications for delinking pension revision from pay revision. Revise pension of BSNL retirees w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

(4)   Payment of pension contribution by BSNL as per the Government rule.

(5)   Settlement of the left out issues of the 2nd Pay Revision Committee.

(6)   a) Approval for BSNL’s Land Management Policy without any delay.

b) Expeditiously complete the mutation and the process of transferring of all assets to BSNL, as per the Cabinet decision taken on the eve of the formation of BSNL.


14  FEB  2019

Circle Office Bearers’ Meeting along with CWC members & Kolkata based Zonal Secretaries was held at Telephone Bhavan on 14.02.2019 at 4 PM. Most of the Circle Office Bearers, CWC members and Kolkata based Zonal Secretaries attended the meeting. Agenda for the meeting  for discussion -
(i) Ensuing Agitational Programme for 3 days from 18.02.2019.
(ii) Circle Executives’ Committee (CEC) meeting - it is decided the meeting may be held in the middle of the month April2019 .
(iii) Organisational review in respect of General Body meeting to be held and update of subscription deduction in the month of January 2019 in WBTC, ETR, ETP, TF, TS, ITPC etc.
(iv) Operation & Maintenance constraints prevailing in the field.
(v) Treasure’s report.
(vi) Misc, if any with the permission of the chair.s


Elected the New CHQ Office Bearers of SNEA 

President: Com.Aftab Ahmed Khan, Vice President: Com.Rakesh Mehta, General Secretary: Com.K.SEBASTIN, Treasurer: Com.R.Rajan,  Asst. General Secretaries: Comrades 1. P. Padmanabha Rao, 2. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, 3.Panduranga B. Nayak, 4. Dilip Saha, 5. Rajendra  S.Kolapkar, 6. Jagdish Rout , Jt. SECY (N): Com. Jagtar singh, Jt. SECY (S): Com.A.ChandraSekhar, Jt. SECY (W): Com.Shankarlal Sharma, Jt. SECY (E): Com.I.H.Mandal, Jt. SECY (Central): Com.Sumit Saxena

30 JAN  2019


by NCOA, AIPCOC and AIBOC on 04.02.2019:

About 15,000 Officers/Executives from all the sectors, Banking, Telecom, Oil, Power, Insurance, Central Govt Officers etc are expected to participate in the March.

The main demands are:

                                            1. Remove affordability clause for Pay Revision in CPSUs.

                                            2. Wage settlement in Public Sector Banks.

                                            3. Allot 4G spectrum to BSNL & MTNL.

                                            4. Stoppage of all moves towards Privatization

                                            5. Govt support for revival of CPSUs..

                                            6. Ensure Assured Pension for all.


Sri Timir Chakraborty, AO(TR)/MDA, our beloved member

has been expired 22/01/2019  at MEDICA, Kolkata.

He was aged 57+years.. left behind wife, 1 son & 1 daughter.

The WB State committee deeply mourn his sudden demises.

7 JAN  2019

SNEA extends solidarity & support to  General Strike by Central Trade Unions: 08-09 JANUARY  2019


                                        No disinvestment/strategic sale of CPSUs,

                                                        Strict enforcement of labour laws,

                                                                        Minimum wages/pension etc.