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Ref. No.WB/CTD/EPP/2012-2013                                                 Dated:-12-03-2013 


GM HR& Admin/CTD,

Telephone Bhavan,

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                        Subject:- Improper exemption on call limits to concessional phones to retirees.

Dear Sir,

This has reference to the discussions we had on the subject on 7th March 2013 in your chamber. There are reports from retired executives that free call limits entitled to concessional category phones are not being extended to the retirees, inspite of the same being mentioned in the order issued from AGM Commercial/CTD and order  from Corporate Office No-2-7/2007-PHA dt 26/07/2007.(copy enclosed)

We take this opportunity to cite the case of Indrajit Kundu, an executive retired from ETR/Kolkata and availing of the concessional phone facility at 2556-8500 w.e.f  01/04/2012 with clear instruction of free call limits of 500+50 units.( pl vide enclosed the order issued by AGM/Commercial/CTD ).

Now, if we look at the free call limits made available to the retiree for the period 01/12/2012 to 31/01/2013   ( pl vide Bill No 102260950 dt 04/02/2013) , it is observed the system allowed 250+50=300*2 months=600 free calls instead of 500+50=550*2 months=1100 calls.

Moreover, the Bill plan is shown as RETIRED EMPLOYEES GROUP B URBAN/WEDOT CATEGORY ‘C” URBAN unlike the case of Tapendu Pattanayak, also a retiree of similar category and who enjoys the free call limit of 500+50 as entitled to and with Bill plan as LL-RDOT Group A General Plan-Urban/TAC.( copy enclosed)

Having observed the anomaly in Bill plan, we are of the opinion that the plans under concessional phone categories need to be rationalized and introduced in the system(CDR) to avail of the entitled free call limits by the retired executives without any hassle.

We look forward to your kind intervention for early resolve of the matter.

                                                                                     Thanking You,

   With regards                                                    

 Copy to-:                                                                                                                Dilip Saha

GM/IT- for kind information and n/a pl                                                        ( State Secretary)