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       1. Early settlement of the Promotional Policy of the Executives of BSNL.

       2. Relaxation of the Attendant condition  related to Promotion of the executives.

      3. Early absorption of the ITS Officers.

      4.  Some relevant problems of the Civil wing e.g. 2nd ACP etc. A letter also          

     addressed to  the CMD, BSNL in this regard. Click for copy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

      5.  The SNEA(I) W.B.  also requested the CMD, BSNL for filling up of the vacancies 

           for  the  post of JTOs (Civil/Electrical/Telecom Factory) along with the 3000 

           JTOs going to  be recruited by BSNL.


Last date for exercising option by qualified eligible TTAs for Local Officiating in the Grade of JTO under WBTC, is 24-120-2005. Total vacancy 29.


The CGM, CTD and the CGM, WBTC is pleased to issue  Order related to purchase of  Diary for the Year 2006 vide order no. SDE/SP-I/NSD/5520/Diary/Loose/9 dated 28.11.05 (CTD) and vide order no. Genl/TC-25/CO/Ch-1/201 dated 09-12-2005 (WBTC) respectively. Click for copy of Order.>>>>>


  Regarding DPC for the Promotion to the Grade of TES Gr.B :: The last date of receiving CRs of the following JTOs is 13-12-2005.The concerned JTOs and The Zonal Secretaries of SNEA (I) W.B. State  are requested to arrange for sending the CRs by 13-12-2005. NAME Caste SSA Yr. of Rectt. Assessment yr. of CR
2001-20 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05
1. Paras Nath Tiwari oc Purulia 1993 A A A N/A
2. Biplab Kr. Ghosh oc Cooch Bihar 1993 A A A N/A
3. Anil Kr.Gupta oc T&D Circle 1993 N/A N/A N/A N/A
4. Mukhut Prasad ST Asansol 1995 N/A A A A
5. Ramesh Chandra Mura ST Purulia 1998 N/A A A A
6. Sarit Kisku ST Asansol 1998 N/A A A A
7. Jemjerius Kindo ST Siliguri A/T 1998 N/A A A A
8. Jatindra Nath Soren ST Malda 1998 N/A 1-4-04to


9. Ramlal Tudu ST Asansol 1998 N/A A N/A N/A
10. Golok Behari Mudi ST Asansol 1995 N/A A A A
11. Nimai Charan Kisku ST Kharagpur 1998 N/A A N/A N/A
12. Rupnath Soren ST Durgapur 1998 N/A A A A

* A = Available, N/A = Not Available.

 Last date for Local Officiating Promotion in the Cadre of JTOs from the eligible TTAs is 24.12.2005. The total Number of Vacancy is 27.


06-12-2005  For current News on HQ click on "CHQ News" above

  State Secretary writes to GS for active persuasion  with BSNL Management regarding different problems on Telecom Factory e.g. Holding of DPC, Filling up of existing JTO vacancies, Officiating arrangement in the cadre of SDE etc. Click for copy of Letter>>>>>>>>>

AGB of SNEA(I) Berhampore Zone held on 04-12-2005 at Sancharika Bhawan, Berhampore.

State Secretary Com. Tapas Ghosh and other state officie bearers attended the AGB.

Com. P.K.Saha, Com.Tapan Bhowmik, Com. Subrata Pramanick unanimously elected as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We heartily congratulate the newly elected Zonal Office Bearers.



SNEA to participate with total commitment in the protest programmes held by the JOINT FORUM OF ASSOCIATIONS AND UNIONS OF EXECUTIVES AND NON-EXECUTIVES IN BSNL against the inimical policies of the Government and the Management against the viabilities of BSNL.


 1. Lunch Hour Demonstration 

     and Meetings :    
                                8th December, 2005

2. Dharna :                                              21st December, 2005

3. One Day Strike :                                  5th January, 2006

JOINT LETTER >>>>>>>>>>>


SNEA units to hold countrywide Lunch Hour / Closing Hour demonstration at SSA/ Circle Head Quarters in solidarity with NCOA demanding merger of 50% IDA on 29-11-2005.

W.B. SHQ instructions:

All Zonal Secretaries are requested to hold the lucnch hours demonstrations at SSA HQ.(GM Office) in W.B.Telecom Circle.

Calcutta based Zonal Secretaries are requested to attend the lunch hour demonstration with Zonal Office Bearers and Members at Telephone Bhawan ground floor, BBD Bag.


On active persuation of State Secretary, SNEA(I) W.B. State Branch all the facilities of Gr.B cadre has been extended to the TTAs officiating as JTO. Click for copy of order >>>>>>>>>>>


 GS meets CMD and presents to him the relevant statistics on the extend of deprivation with the presently proposed attendant conditions. The CMD was convinced and promises to come out with suitable review as demanded by us. The GS also met Director (Planning and New Services) who was also quite convinced on the extend of damage that could be caused by the present proposal. 

The CHQ leaders of SNEA, BSNLEU, NFTE BSNL, AIBSNLEA, NUBSNLW, BTEF etc. joined together in a meeting at New Delhi on 21-10-2005. The discussions centered around National Telecom Policy 2005, AMC, Out sourcing, Unbundling, reduction in ADC, Broadband, Infrastructure sharing, conferment of Navaratna Status to BSNL, greater functional and financial autonomy to BSNL etc. The Associations/ Unions decided to launch agitational programmes to press home the above points before the Government of India . Details of programmes will be announced later. 

SNEA units to hold countrywide Lunch Hour / Closing Hour demonstration at SSA/ Circle Head Quarters in solidarity with NCOA demanding merger of 50% IDA on 29-11-2005 



  State Secretary Writes to PGM (Operation), CTD to correct the Anomalies in designating Officiating JTOs. Click for letter>>>>>>>


Grant of PLI to staff of BSNL for the year 2004-05 as per New PLI Scheme.Click to down load order copy.

All the Zonal Secretaries of SNEA(I) W.B. State Branch are requested to Elect Delegate(s) for  All India conference to be held from 19th. to 22nd. January'06 at Bangalore and name of the delegate to be sent to SHQ before 15th. Novermber,2005 positively.

For latest New see below :::::


 SNEA(I) W.B. State Branch is going to publish ""Executive Diary 2006"".

1. All the Zonal Secretaries are requested to place their requisition within 31st October,2005

2. Payment of the " Diary 2006 " to be made within 31st. March,2006.

3. Zonal Secretaries of the concerned zones are requested to take appropriate measures and  shoulder full responsibilities to  ensure "zero" delay in payment.


Orders issued by DOT and BSNL on repatriation of Group'A' officers of various services working in BSNL/MTNL back to DOT after completion of their deemed deputation in MTNL/BSNL on 15-10-2005. 

Order No. BSNL/32-1/SR/2005/Vol.IV. dated 19-10-2005.>>>>>>>>>

Order No.A-11013/1/2005-Admn.II/Absorption Cell dated 18-10-2005>>>>>>>>>>

GS writes to CMD BSNL - Imminent & unavoidable Trade Union Actions – Unanimous decision of CHQ office bearers at Bhopal on 16th June.,05.- (A) Complete abolition of stringent attendant conditions imposed on time bound promotions and no arbitrary change in the existing RRs for functional promotions. (B) No lateral induction of MTs at STS level (C) Service Weightage Prior to 1.10.2000. (D) Extending the benefit of upgraded IDA pay scales from 1.10.2000. In case no effort is made to resolve the issues within a reasonable time of ten days, we shall be left with no alternative but to restart our deferred programmes of Organizational actions very shortly. 

Click for copy of letter>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Association addresses GS, AIBSNLEA for joint Trade Union action- Join the struggle to be launched in not too distant a future wholeheartedly. >>>>>>>>>

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New Bonus Formula is approved vide DOT No. 11-18/2003-SU.II Dated the 13th Oct. 05. Click Here for copy of order>>>>>>>>

The CHQ Office Bearers meeting held at Bhopal on 16th Oct 2005 took stock of the pending issues particularly Promotion Policy for Executives. In accordance with the decision of the CWC Hyderabad the meeting decided to launch Trade Union Actions in view of the inordinate delay in resolving the highlighted issues. The CHQ will decide and chalk out the programmes and dates of Trade Union Actions. ALL units may prepare themselves to launch the offensive.




All India Eligibility list of JTOs for promotion to SDEs (up to 1993 batch) published. Click below link for :

1. All India list.    

2. West Bengal Circle list.

3. Calcutta Telephones District list.

4. ETR List.

5. ETP List.

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General Secretary meets Chairman Telecomm Commission and takes up with him the crucial issues on promotion policy viewed negatively by the BSNL Director Board. The Chairman promises to take a fresh look at the attendant conditions on lateral and regular promotions with in a few days. He instructs the concerned authorities to put on hold the promotion policy till further instructions. He also assures that there will be no lateral entry at any level between JTO and JAG.

.......For more news go to CHQ link above.


All India Eligibility list of JTOs for promotion to SDEs (up to 1993 batch) published. Order Copy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

GS and AGS Com. Sukhvir Singh meets Director (HRD) and discusses the issues that the BSNL Management is unnecessarily creating by tampering with the recruitment rules for regular promotion for JTOs to SDEs. They stated that such tampering was uncalled for and will be resisted with all our might. Director (HRD) promises to hold detailed discussions on the subject on 5th Oct 2005 (Wednesday). 

It is understood that BSNL Management has decided to implement regular promotion with attendant conditions requiring 70 marks for promotion for JTOs / JAOs to SDEs / AOs etc. It is a clear indication of the intention of the Management to deny our membership with any promotion at all. This dastardly act will be resisted by the Associations with all the force at its command. Activists /leaders/Office Bearers may be seized of the gravity of the issue and prepare thoroughly for launching intense Trade Union actions failing which the future of our entire membership will be in peril. A meeting of the CHQ Office Bearers is being held at Bhopal on Oct 16, 2005. Get ready, prepare yourself with all the resources at your command.



Union Cabinet considers absorption of Grp 'A' officers and decides as per the attached text. >>>>>>>>(Report from PIB ).

All India Eligibility list of JTOs for promotion to SDEs (up to 1993 batch) finalised - Expected to be released soon.


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United Forum of BSNL Executives protests against the motivated letter from CMD BSNL stating that BSNL will collapse without ITS officers. United Forum considers it demoralising and insulting to other employees of BSNL. Click for copy of letter>>>>>>>>>>>>

SNEA addresses Hon.MOC in expressing the total opposition towards unwarranted Lateral Induction in MTNL/BSNL. Click for copy of letter>>>>



On continuous persuasion and pressure from SNEA(I) W.B.State Branch GM (TF/Mobile) WBTC had taken positive steps by holding co-ordination meeting on 01-02-2005 to settle different problems of the JTOs/SDEs/DEs of the MSC, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Sustained pressure applied by SNEA following Kurnool CWC decision BSNL notifies recruitment of 3000 JTOs. For details visit.  http// 

Click for PDF format>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Association takes up the case of promotion of SDEs to Adhoc DEs and restoration of powers of CGMs with Chairman Telecom Commission with sufficient and reasonable arguments.

Director (HRD) assures SNEA that all positive efforts will be taken to carry out the DPCs for promotion of JTOs to SDEs and SDEs to Adhoc DEs.




 ALL the Office-Bearers of the SHQ SNEA(I) W.B. State Branch are hereby requested to attend meeting positively on 7th September, 2005 at 5-00 P.M. at Association office at Ranigunj Coal House, Kolkata to discuss regarding ensuing State Executive Committee  Meeting to be held at Hasnabad, 24 Parganas (North) on 22nd & 23rd. September, 2005.


State Secretary Com.Tapas Ghosh writes to the CGM, WBTC regarding anomalies in Gradation List of JTOs of W.B.Telecom Circle vide No.WB/WBTC/2004-2005 dated 06.08.2005.

 Click for corrected letter>>>>>>


Full day State Executive Meeting of SNEA(I) WB State Branch will be held at Hasnabad (24 Parganas) on 22nd & 23rd.All the Zonal Secretaries are requested to download Notice of SEC Meeting. 

Click here for downloading>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



 Full day State Executive Meeting of SNEA(I) WB State Branch will be held at Hasnabad (24 Parganas) on 22nd & 23rd. Revised Notice will be available in this web site on Monday 29-08-2005. All the Zonal Secretaries are requested to download the revised Notice on Monday. We are sorry for the inconvenience in this regard.


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State Secretary Com. Tapas Ghosh writes to The GM (Task Force/Mobile) WBTC expressing association's agony on inordinate delay to provide sitting arrangement for JTOs/SDEs/DEs working in MSC , Salt Lake, Kolkata. Matter also informed to the CGM , WBTC.

Click for copy of the letter>>>>>>>>>>.

AGB of Asansol Zone held on 21-08-2005 at Asansol. From SHQ SNEA(I) W.B.State Br. Com. Tapas Ghosh , Com.Sankar Sanyal , Com. Mihir Bose, Com. Rupak Sen attended the AGB. Com. Biswajit Sarkar, Com. Nitish Kr. Biswas and Com. Dipak Chakraborty elected as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We congratulate the newly elected Zonal Officer Bearers.



GS addresses Chairman Telecom Commission for immediate intervention in resolving the issues related to finalizing and implementation of promotion policy for Executives (Group B Officers) in BSNL. Click for copy of letter>>>>>>>>>>> 

Association addresses Director (HRD) - Fix a specific time frame for completion of DPC from JTO to SDE against 75% quota.

Click for copy of letter>>>>>>>>>>>

GS writes to CMD BSNL - On the move for Arbitrary, Unilateral and Unacceptable changes being brought about in existing Rectt. Rules, relating to functional promotions. In case the Management goes ahead with such proposition, it shall be next to impossible for us to restrain fifty thousand executives from taking recourse to Organizational actions because of such grave provocative actions. 

Click for copy of Letter>>>>>>>>>>>



  State Secretary Com.Tapas Ghosh writes to the CGM, WBTC regarding anomalies in Gradation List of JTOs of W.B.Telecom Circle vide No.WB/WBTC/2004-2005 dated 06.08.2005.  Click for copy of letter>>>>>>>>>                                       

State Secretary Com. Tapas Ghosh, Asst.State Secretary Com.Sankar Sanyal and Vice President com. H.K.Das and other Office- bearers of SHQ SNEA(I) W.B. met Shri Chinmay Mitra GM (TF/Mobile) WBTC on 19-08-2005 and discussed on different issues related to development of Mobile service, on problems of the JTOs/SDEs/DEs working in the MSC Salt Lake, Kolkata etc.



AGB of Krishnanagar Zone held on 14-08-2005 at Krishnanagar. From SHQ SNEA(I) W.B.State Br. Com. Tapas Ghosh , Com.Sankar Sanyal , Com. H.K.Das, Com. M.K.Das, Com. Manas Mukherjee attended the AGB. Com. Mukul Roy, Com. S.K.DAS and Com. B.C.Biswas elected as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We congratulate the newly elected Zonal Officer Bearers.

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Employer's contribution towards EPF of JTOs recruited after 01-10-2000 has been raised to 12% of BASIC + IDA without any ceiling. Orders to this effect issued by BSNL Corporate Office on 12-08-2005.The demand and effort of this Association in this direction has been fully honoured in spite of the severe statutory hurdles placed by the EPF Act 1952. We are extremely happy about this unprecedented achievements on behalf of our young comrades who will be enormously benefited by the new arrangement. Order No.500-85/2004-CA II/BSNL /KW dated 12-08-2005.>>>>>>>>.



 AGB of Suri Zone held on 23-07-2005 at Bolpur. From SHQ SNEA(I) W.B.State Br. Com. Dilip Saha , Com. Tapas Ghosh , Com.Sankar Sanyal, Com. M.K.Das, Com. Sanjay Bhattacharya attended the AGB. Com. S.K.Mukherjee, Com. S.Shivkumar and Com. K.C.Saha  elected as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We congratulate the newly elected Zonal Officer Bearers.

AGB of Durgapur Zone held on 24-07-2005 at Durgapur. From SHQ SNEA(I) W.B.State Br. Com. Dilip Saha  Com. Tapas Ghosh , Com.Sankar Sanyal, Com. M.K.Das,Com. S.K.Mondal attended the AGB. Com. T.K.Ghosh, Com. Rajen Raina and Com. D.P.Mukhopadhyay elected as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We congratulate the newly elected Zonal Officer Bearers.

State Secretary Com.Tapas Ghosh writes to the GM(Task Force & Mobile Services), WBTC regarding different issues related to JTOs/SDEs/DEs working at Mobile Switch Centre of WBTC at  Salt Lake, Kolkata. Click for copy of the letter.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



  AGB of Burdwan Zone held on 09-07-2005 at Burdwan Telephone Exchange. Com. Dilip Saha State president, Com. Sankar Sanyal Astt.state Secretary (Circle), Com.Mihir Bose Org. Secretary (CTD) attended the AGB. Com. P.Banerjee, Com. M.K.Das and Com. N.K.Roy  elected as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We congratulate the newly elected Zonal Officer Bearers.

  Discussions on time-bound promotion policy were held for about one hour in the director board meeting held on 11th July, 2005. The subject required more study by the external (government) members of the board. Accordingly, further discussions will be held in the next board meeting scheduled for July 20th.

  Partial modification of "TA/DA Rules 2002". Revised classification of Cities and new rates for entitlement of hotel/for the stay of BSNL officers w.e.f from the date of the order. Order No.7-6/2004 dated 6-7-2005.

Click for copy of the order>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

BSNL Calls volunteers for Preparation of select panel for deputation of SDE (TELECOM) to M/s TCIL for their foreign projects. Last date for submission of Bio-data along with Vigilance clearance is 18/07/2005. Click here >>>>>>>>>>>>>


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  AGB of Bankura Zone held on 2-07-2005 at Bankura. State Secretary and other State Office Bearers attended the AGB. Com. P.N.Tewari, Com. S.K.Mondal and Com. Mohan Lal Chowdhury  elected as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We congratulate the newly elected Zonal Officer Bearers.

SNEA leaders led by GS meets chairman Telecom Commission to highlight the issues on promotion policy. They reminded the Chairman about the settlement of the agitation on 23rd March 2005 with the Hon.MOC. The Chairman TC assured that he will positively intervene as committed by the Hon.MOC to settle all issues related to promotion policy.

BSNL Group Saving Linked Insurance Scheme comes onto force with effect from 20th August 2005.Click for order copy>>>>>>>>.


  AGB of Kharagpur Zone held on 25-06-2005 at Kharagpur. State Secretary and other State Office Bearers attended the AGB. Com. A.L.Khatua, Com. M. Sengupta and Com. S. Manna elected as President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively. We congratulate the newly elected Zonal Officer Bearers.

  On active persuasion of SHQ SNEA(I) W.B. State Br. The CGMT, W.B. Circle pleased to issue order for  local Offciating promotion in the grade of TES Group B vide order no. SF/TC/P-10/XIV/05-06 dated 25.06.2005. Click for copy of the order>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The BSNL Management Committee in its meeting on 27/06/2005 after considering the reports on Promotion Policy has approved only the Time Bound Promotion with very minor reduction in the qualifying marks from 60 to 56 and not approved the functional promotional part. We severely condemn the decision of the Management Committee . Members at base level may start earnest preparations for another struggle.



 Association protest inordinate delay in holding Competitive Exam against about 2300 TES Gr.B vacancies. GS addresses Director (HRD) Click for letter>>>>>>>

Resolutions approved By CWC Hyderabad forwarded to CMD.

“Resolution” adopted at emergent C.W.C held at Hyderabad on 18th June,05.

A) Time bound promotion on seniority cum fitness-without any attendant conditions.

B) Functional promotion up to the level of STS as already agreed upon.

C) Weightage for the service rendered in DOT/DTS prior to 30th Sept.,2000 for the purpose of first time bound promotion.

D) IDA pay scales from 1.10.2000 in respect of all those who got IDA pay scales consequent upon the amendment of their RRs after 1.10.2000.
Click for details>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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  State Secretary Com. Tapas Ghosh and other CWC members of  SNEA(I) W.B State Br. has started for Hyderabad to attend CWC Meeting commencing from 18th June'2005.

  AGB Meeting of the Malda, Cooch Bihar, Jalpaiguri and Siliguri zones held during the month of June,2005. Brief information regarding newly elected Office-bearers::

Name of Zone Date of AGB meeting President Zonal Secretary Treasurer
Malda 09-06-2005 Com.N.D.Sarkar Com. Asit.Kr.Dey Com. P.K.Roy
Cooch Bihar 10-06-2005 Com. S.K.Guha Com.B.N.Chakraborty Com.S.Deb
Jalpaiguri 11-06-2005 Com.K.K.Dey Com.S.Mukherjee Com.S.Sagaria
Siliguri 12-06-2005 Com. M.K.Nandi Com. S.K.Guha Com.R.K.Majumdar


A meeting was held with PGM(O), CTD on 2/06/2005 to discuss problems faced in field units for outsourcing certain types of jobs. (click here to find more)

Request  to CGMT(ETR) from Com. Tapas Ghosh( State Sec. SNEA(I), WB State Branch) regarding officiating arrangement in the cadre of SDE. (click here to see the letter)

Allahabad High Court quashes the stay granted against the filling up of STS posts. This clears the way for promotion of SDEs to Adhoc DEs. Association will pursue filling up of all STS posts by promotion eligible SDEs/Sr.SDEs

LIC BASED GROUP INSURANCE SCHEME: BSNL is all set to introduce LIC based Group Insurance Scheme to its employees following approval of the scheme by the Management Committee of BSNL. As already intimated, there will be two levels in executive grades for the purpose of payment of insurance amount and the contribution from the Executives. The scheme also provides for double accidental death benefit. Deduction from salary would be @ Rs. 315.00 and Rs. 525.00 per month respectively for the Executive below the IDA Pay Scale of Rs. 14500–18700 and for those in the grade of Rs. 14500– 18700 and above. Orders likely to be issued very shortly. 

CGM, WBTC issued order forLimited Departmental competitive Examination for promotion to the cadre of TTA (under 40% quota) vide No. Rectt/TC/X-132/TTA/2005 dated 25-05-04.

Reversion and renewal order of local officiating promotion in the grade of SDE (Telecom) vide Memo.No. SF/TC/P-10/XIV/Officiating/2005-06 dated 21-05-2005. Click for order>>>>>>>>>>


* Full Day State Executive Committee's Meeting of SNEA(I) WB State Branch will be held on 3rd June,2005 from 10.00 AM at T.I.Hall, CTO Building, Kolkata.  Click for Notice and details>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


* The CGM, WBTC issued order for Option for local officiating promotion in the grade of SDE (Telecom). vide Order No.SF/TC/P-10/XIV/officiating/2005-06 dated 16-05-05 & 17-05-05.

Click for Copy of the Orders.>>>>>>> 

Click for corrigendum>>>>>>>

** We Convey our heartiest congratulations to the winner of the Bharat Sanchar Shree Award & Vishisht Sanchar Seva padak Award for the year 2005.

Click for Circulars and find the name of the winners.>>>>>>>>>


Time Bound Promotion comes up for discussion in the BSNL Management Committee on 11thMarch 2005.The new Director (HRD) wanted some more time to firm up his views. Association leaders Com.G.L.Jogi and Shri.S.Basu meet CMD and Director (HRD).CMD assured positive and expeditious action. He categorically stated that the policy would be finalised in two weeks time.

Director (Finance) clears 12% EPF Contribution without ceiling for JTOs recruited in BSNL. A comprehensive note on this will be put up to the BSNL Board. Orders are expected to be issued within a month. The SNEA’s consistent effort on this issue is making very positive results and is likely to greatly benefit the JTOs recruited in BSNL.


State Secretary SNEA(I) W.B. State Br. writes to GM (Operation), WBTC for publishing Gradation List of JTOs. Click for Letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



*The BSNL Management Committee discusses the report of the committee appointed to study the issues on Time Bound Policy etc. However one more sitting of the Management Committee is required to approve the minutes. The same will have to be placed before the BSNL Director Board for study and approval. The whole process is expected to take at least two to three weeks.

*Some Latest Orders issued recently by the CGM. WBTC::

  1. Local Officiating Promotion in the Grade of TES Group 'B'  (Renewal and Reversion)  No.SF/TC/P-10/XIV/2005-06(Officiating) dated 27.04.2005. Click for order>>>>>>>>

2.  Minimum qualifying Service period for TES Group 'B' Officiating Promotion.No. SF/TC/P-10/MISC/2005-06 dated 26.04.2005. 

  Click for order>>>>>>>>>

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3.  Volunteers from Officers STS of ITS Group 'A' (DEs) and TTAs for posting as Principal and TTA (Instructor) (Switching, Transmission and Computer Faculty) at CTTC, Kolkata.No. SF/TC/P-10/TRG/2005-06 dated 20.04.2005. Click for Order>>>>>>>>>>

4. Immunity from transfer for longest stayee officers in West Bengal Telecom Circle. No. SF/TC/P-10/MISC/2005-06 dated 28-04-2005.

 Click for order>>>>>>>>>>>



The report submitted by the committee appointed for going into the demands raised by us will be examined by the BSNL Management Committee Meeting to be held on 28th April 2005. This will again be placed for approval by the BSNL Board in its meeting slated for 29th April 2005.


* Joint forum of BSNL /MTNL Unions/Associations to hold Lunch/Closing Hour demonstrations and to submit memorandum to CMDs BSNL/MTNL today ( 19thApril 2005 ) on various issues concerning the profitability and financial viability of BSNL/MTNL. Circles/SSA units to hold Lunch/Closing Hour demonstrations and submit copy of the Memorandum to Heads of Circles/SSAs on the same date.

**Joint forum of BSNL /MTNL Unions/Associations of West Bengal arranged mass Rally and deputation to the Hon'ble Governor of West Bengal on the issues e.g. 74% FDI, ADC,Unbundling of copper wire etc.

** The C.G.M.  WBTC, Kolkata has been issued Local Officiating Promotion in the cadre of Junior Telecom Officers vide order no. SF/TC/P-8/TFR/XIV/2004-05/Loose dated 16th. April,2005.

Click for copy of the order>>>>>>>>>>>>>


* Transfer and Posting int the Grade of STS of ITS Group'A'. Click for Order>>>>>>

** Local Officiating Promotion in the Grade of STS of ITS Group 'A'. Click for Order>>>



* During the discussions held with the Management as a part   of the agitational programmes the compromise formula     worked out with the Management. This is yet to be finalised. Discussions are in progress. The Management's stubborn and adamant attitude is most disturbing. Further organisational actions may be warranted. 
(1) Letter from Convener of HLC. Letter No. BSNL/HLC/1-1/2004 dated 5-4-2005. >>>>>>>
(2) Letter from United Forum of Executives. Letter No. UF/Jt.DDG (SEA)/1/4/05 dated 7-4-2005. >>>>>>>
(3) BSNL Executives' Promotion Policy. >>>>>>>


* United Forum of Executives held a series of discussions with Director (HRD), Sr.DDG (Estt.), DDG (SR), DDG (Estt.), etc. on the various issues concerning us. The Management still seems to be adamant in their stand on service weightage and functional promotions. Circle Secretaries/ SSA Secretaries may keep the members geared up for further action including second phase of agitation.

** File for raising the EPF contribution of JTOs recruited after 1-10-2000 at 12% without any ceiling is awaiting the approval of BSNL board.


* On active persuation of the SNEA(I), W.B.State Branch,Transfers and Postings in the Cadre of JTOs of WBTC has been issued by the CGM ,WBTC vide NO.SF/TC/P-8/JTO/TFR/XIV/2004-05/Loose. Dated 02 April,2005 . 

Click for the Order.>>>>>>>>


Perks and advances for the Non Executive Employees of BSNL - Orders issued as per the National Council decision. Order No.15-8/04-PAT(BSNL) dated 31-03-2005>>>>>


  * Editorial - Continue the war to wipe out ITS Raj to secure complete     Justice>>>>

 ** Agitation March 2005 - Brief Resume.>>>>>>>>

*** United Forum of Executives responds to Management "Record of discussions held on    23.03.2005". The forum questions the Management on unwarranted, misleading and false statements/propaganda on "unconditional withdrawal" and also submits its views on the various demands.

**** As stated by the Hon.MOC & IT during our discussions on 23-03-2005 morning, options has been called for the absorption of Grp 'A' officers in BSNL / MTNL with definite time frame.



**  The C.G.M WBTC issued order for  Transfer and Posting and Inter-Circle transfer and posting in the cadre of SDE vide no. SF/TC/P-10/XIV/2005-06 dated 08.04.2005.Click for order copy>>>>>>