30th April 2007State Secretary, State President and Z/S(Central Zone) met with  DGM(Admns./CTD) on 30.04.2007 regarding discussion the following matters:-

a).  Prayer Transfer cases of SDE. b) Reversion case of Off.SDE in the cadre of JTO as per prayer. c). Implementation of Timebound promotional policy in CTD. d). Review of sanction strength of AD(OL) in CTD.

29th April 2007 Order issued by the CGM/WBTC on finalised Nomenclature of STS of ITS Gr-A , vide order no. SF/Tc/P-9/STS/2007-08 dt, at Kolkata the20.04.2007. Re-Nomenclature of TES Gr-B posts for 444 in WBTC is under process & our Asson.is persuing very hard to issue order within shortest possible period.

For confirmation of 115 Nos. of direct recruit JTOs three men committee constituted by the CGM/WBTC and order in this regard is expected to be issued shortly.

For fixing inter seniority of direct recruit JAOs is maintained as per the marks obtained in JAO direct recruitment examination while for the DR JTOs inter seniority is being fixed on the marks obtained in PH-I course. WB St. Branch raised this particular anomaly to the CGM,WBTC/CTD as well as brought the attention of CHQ, so that the procedure for the DR JAOs should also be implemented in case of DR JTOs.

27th April 2007 Major Breakthrough on behalf of the Comrades of Civil/Electrical/Architecture/TF etc. Association gets the proposal for counting of residency period w.e.f 1-10-2000 for first Time Bound Promotion. Now it will be sent to the Estt. section for preparation of the draft order to be approved by BSNL Board. It has been a long brawn-out struggle. We have been pursuing this case consistently and relentlessly. The proposal which was initially rejected by the Estt Section was once again resurrected by the intervention of the Association. A Committee was thereupon formed under the Chairmanship of Jt.DDG (SEA). Our constant interaction with the Committee brought forth favorable recommendations on the lines of our demand. Attempts to keep these recommendations in the cold storage was again stalled by the active intervention of the Association. It was difficult enough to get the nod from the finance. The Association had to put in its best effort with the finance so that the recommendations are cleared. We are extremely happy it has been finally cleared by the Finance and is now ready for orders. This will be a major breakthrough to all the Executives of Civil/Electrical/Architecture/TF etc.

26th April 2007 State Office Bearer with Calcutta Base Zonal Secretaries meeting was held on 25-04-2007 at Telephone Bhavan regarding agitational programme on 4th & 10 th May 2007 and ensuing SEC meet at Jaigaon, Jalpaiguri. The Following decission are taken in the meeting.

1. On 4th May-2007 day long dharna will be observed at Telephone Bhavan from 11.00 AM.

2. On 10th May-2007 hunger strike will be observed both at Telephone Bhavan and Circle Office from 11.00 AM.

All zonal secretaries are requested to organise the said programme successfully 

Same programme will be followed by all SSA HQ Level.

Congratulations! to our Civil Comrades. Our stand vindicated. DoT Issues clarification with regard to 2nd ACP to Civil wing officers. It has been decided not to withdraw the 2nd ACP scheme granted to the officers upto 20.2.2004. This issue was discussed by us in Secy.(DoT) on 10th January and was strongly pleaded that those who have got 2nd ACP should not be retrospectively deprived of it.

 Specially in this particular case we express our joy to share with all our commrades as the case was initiated and pioneered by the west bengal State Branch.

Subsequently a detailed note was submitted to Member(T) , DoT Shri Sridhara and the issue was further discussed with Member(T) as well as DDG(BW), DoT Shri Panigrahi.  click here for the order >>>>>>>>>>>>.


Pre Service Training period immediately before appointment would be counted as qualifying service for the purpose of eligibility for the limited departmental competitive examination for promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) grade.Clarification in this regard issued by corporate office/Pers II section on 16th April 2007. >>>>>>Click for clarification

All Zonal Secretaries, State Office Bearers & Cwc Members are requested to mobilize the grass root level members for the  trade union programme notified by NCOA and Co-ordination committee as follows.

The NCOA and Co-ordination committee decided to join the massive Dharana organized by CITU and other trade unions on 26-4-2007 at Jandar Mandir, New Delhi to press the following major issues.

1)      Merger of 50% of DA

2)      No Income Tax on House Allowance

3)      Scrapping guidelines issued by DPE to different PSUs on  pay finalisation of Non executives.

4)      Reduction of term of pay revision in PSUs from 10 years to 5 years.

 The NCOA decides to hold one day Dharna on 4th May 2007 and relay hunger strike on 10-5-2007 to aggressively pursue the pending issues on merger of 50% DA, IT on House allowance and all other issues connected with the Pay Panel.  The programmes on 4-5-2007 and 10-5-20077 will be organized by SSA Hq/Circle HQ level.  All concerned Office bearers and activists may mobilize members for massive participation in these programmes.  NCOA units may also be contacted for further co-ordination and participation.


"All State office bearers/CWC members/zonal secretaries/zonal office bearers and strong activists are earnestly requested to send the problems in new service areas (GSM, WLL, Broad Band, Internet etc.), PSTN service mantenance, BTS installation/Maintenance/Tuining/Upgradation/Configuration, in transmission & media, leased line for both Calcutta Telephones & West Bengal Telecom Circle to SHQ immediately i.e. within one week time."

Management cum development meeting with SSA heads of WBTC will be held on 18th & 19th April 2007 at the circle conference room, Circle Office. Our association is invited for attending the said meeting. All zonal secretaries in WBTC are requested to send the problems/suggestions related with developmental activities at the earliest.

Short Details of Holiday Home:-

1). Four Nos. Double Beded Rooms in Hotel Sea King at Sargadwar.

2). Two Minutes walking distance from sea.

3).For booking and details information contact co-operative TelNo:-2228-3434,2228-1188

Membership form >>>>>>>>>for download

Application form for CHQ welfare claim>>>>>>>>>>for download

Application form for SHQ welfare claim>>>>>>>>>>>for download

Full day State Executive Meeting will be held at Jaigaon, Jalpaiguri on 12th & 13th May 2007. Zonal Secretaries are requested to download the Notice of the said Executive meeting and send the notice to all State Executives, State office bearers & CWC memmbers belonging to the respective zone.>>>>>>>Click here for Notice.

A Meeting was held at Jaigaon, Jalpaiguri on 6Th April 2007 under the chairmanship of Com. Hiten Chakraborty, Org. Secy.(North Bengal/SHQ) with all the Zonal Secretaries of North Bengal for the purpose of ensuing full day State Executive Meeting, held at Jaigaon, Jalpaiguri on 12th & 13th May 2007.

List of different committees formed in the said meeting given below:- 

1). Reception Committee:-

Chairman-  Com. Hiten Chakraborty, Org. Secy. (North Bengal/SHQ)

Vice Chairman - Com. Tarakanta Bhattacharya.(President/Jalpaiguri)


                 a). Com. Samar Mukherjee (ZS/Jalpaiguri)

                 b). Com. Bipul Nandan Chakraborty(ZS/Coochbehar)

                 c). Com. Shyamal Guha (ZS/Siliguri)

                 d). Com. Asit Kr. De         (ZS/Malda)

                 e). Com. P. Yelmo (ZS/Gangtok)

                 f). Com. Uttam Das (ZS/Darjeeling)

                 g). Com. Mihir Nandy ( Ex. CWC Member)

                 h). Com. Abhisekh Varma (VP/Jalpaiguri)

                 i). Com. Amal Kr. Dey (Org. Secy./Jalpaiguri) 

2). Accomodation and Transport committee:-

 Members :-

                a). Com. S Talukder (SDE/Birpara).

                b). Com. J P Narayan (JTO/Siliguri)

                c). Com. Amal Kr, Dey (SDE/Hansimara) 

3). Food Committee :-


               a). Com. Sanjay Kumar (JTO/Jalpaiguri).

               b). Com. Samar Mukherjee (SDE/Banarhat)

               c). Com. Sudhin Purakayesta (JTO/Kalchini) 

4). Finance Committee:- 


               a). Com. Amal Kr. Dey (SDE/Hansimara)

               b). Com. Dibakar Joarder (SDE/Alipurduar)

               c). Com. Shyamal Guha (SDE/Siliguri)

               d). Com. Uttam Das ( SDE/Darjeeling)

               e). Com. Subhasish Roy (JTO/Coochbehar)

13th April 2007   Divisional Body meeting of Kalyani Training Centre of NS Zone held on 13th April 2007 at Kalyani Training Centre. Most of the members of Kalyani Training Centre attended the meeting and the members raised many problems in this division and all the quaries raised by the general members were satisfactorily answered by the State and Zonal office bearers. On the same date general body meeting of NE Zone held at Cossipore Exch Building. The same state office bearers attended the general body meeting. State Secy. and Zonal Secy. addresed the meeting.

11th April 2007  St. Secretary, St. President, CWC member (Com. Atanu Mondal) met DGM(Admn)/CTD to discuss the procedures to be adopted by administration for implementation of the time bound promotional policy for the executives of CTD. DGM(Admn)/CTD assured that within few days total relevant information will be put in Medha so that the co ordinators at area & HQ level can accelerate the said programme.

             St. Secretary, St. President  met GM/Fin/CTD & had a discussion on the anomaly in transport allowance for officiating JTOs working in CTD. It was suggested to GM/Fin/CTD that transport allowance for officiating JTOs should be uniform in all areas of CTD as per order issued by corporate office regarding grant of perks to executive employees & non-executive employees officiating in executive cadre in BSNL. GM/FIN/CTD assured that the problem will be resolved within the month of April'2007.

 10th April 2007  Monthly Meeting of Central Zone was held at CTO TI Hall on 10-04-2007 at 17:30 Hrs. Elaborate discussion on several developmental activities & problems in New Service and Land Line service, took place in the meeting by general members & executives of the said zone. St. Secy, St. President & most of the office bearers & CWC members attended the meeting. Zonal Secretary, St. Secretary, St. President address the meeting mainly on zonal, state & central level recent developments.

9th April 2007

State Secretary wrote a letter to GM(O/WBTC) for alottment of phase-II training for JTOs at NSCBTTC, Kalyani or CTTC, Salt Lake, Kolkata.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Click here for the letter

St.Secy., Org. Secy.(S/Bengal) and Astt.Secy./Circle met GM(O/WBTC),DGM(Admn./WBTC) to discuss the major following issues for quick settlement.

1). Implementation of time bound promotion policy for the executives working in WBTC within April 2007 :- in this regard from our Association suggestions are given to concern authority for quick settlement of the said promotion policy in the same line of CTD. GM(O/WBTC) accepted our suggestion and proposal and directed to DGM(Admn./WBTC)&other officers present in the meeting for implementation the procedure as suggested by our Association. It is expected seperate lists of eligible candidates from the SDE,Sr.SDE&DE cadre for getting time bound promotion in the grade of Sr.SDE,DE,DGM on 01.10.2004, 01.10.2005 & 01.10.2006 respectively will be circulated shortly in Sancharika.Seperate lists of eligible candidates from the cadre of JTO for getting time bound promotion in the grade of SDE on 01.10.2004, 01.10.2005.& 01.10.2006 will be circulated latter on in the Sancharika.

2). Prayer transfer cases of JTOs, SDEs & DEs in WBTC:- it is expected the said prayer transfer cases will be issued shortly.

3). SDE & DE officiating:- it is decided after issuance of the prayer transfer cases the further SDE & DE officiating order will be issued.

4). Rule 38 cases, confirmation, EPF balance sheet for direct recruit JTOs.

5). Reversion cases from the cadre of SDE to JTO etc.

Time Bound promotion already extended to the Executives working in DGM(RNMS,KOL)/ETR, DGM/MTCE. KOL/ETR, DGM/Admn. Kol/ETR & DGM, Mtce.Slg/ETR in West Bengal under CGM/ETR.

7th April 2007State Office Bearer meeting with Calcutta based Zonal secretaries was held at 4.00 p.m. at Telephone Bhavan mainly to select the co-ordinators  at area level and head quarter level of CTD from our state and Zonal office bearers for implementation of the time bound promotional policy for the executives of CTD at the earliest as decided by our Association in the meeting called by PGM(OP/CTD) on 5th April 2007.All Zonal secretaries suggested names of our office bearer as co-ordinator in different area & HQ level. After the meeting the list of co-ordinators was submitted to DGM(Admn./CTD). On the same date the order in this regard was issued by DGM(Admn.)

                                        List of Area Level Co-ordinators





Sri B N Sarkar



Sri Srimanta Banerjee



Sri Umesh Sarkar



Sri P S Mura



Sri Malay Nag



Sri Timir Baran Chatterjee



Sri Prosanta Kr. Bhattacharjee



Sri R N Halder



Sri Umapada Bhowmick



Sri Swapan De



Sri D K Majumder



Sri Prabir Ghosh



Sri Utpal Dutta



Sri Pratik Biswas



Sri Sitanshu Sarkar



Mrs. Esha Das



Sri P K Pal



Sri Amar Mukherjee Mukherjee



Sri Subhasish Mitra



Smt. Shibani Mukherjee



Sri H K Das



Sri Mihir Bose


Head Quarter

Sri Atanu Mondal


Tele. Bhn/Estt.

Sri Nirmal Kr. Sarkar



5th April 2007 One important meeting held with PGM(OP)/CTD regarding implementation of Time Bound Promotional Policy, issued by BSNL/HQ on 18-01-2007 for the executives of Calcutta Telephones. Guide lines for the implementation of the said policy are decided & circular in this regard will be issued within 2 or 3 days by HQ/CTD. Concerned authority assured  in that meeting by 2nd week of  May 2007 the total promotional policy will be implemented on procurement of ACRs within 30th April 2007. On this issue one meeting to be held with zonal secretaries with SHQ in the Telephone Bhawan at 3 PM. The St. Secy, St. President, VP/CHQ, VP/SHQ (Com B R Samaddar), CWC member (Com. B Ganguly), Asstt. Secy/CTD (Com T Dutta) attended the meeting.

                       Same approach was initiated by SHQ to the administration of WBTC for effective implementation of Time Bound Promotion Policy for the executives of WBTC in the same line of CTD.

St. Secy., VP/CHQ attended the divisional meeting of electrical wing at tiretta bazar recreation club at 7.00 p.m. All queries of members of member regarding abrogation of A/C Exam., no extra remuneration during SDE officiating phase, competitive exam in the grade of SDE electrical as per telecom wing, residency/notional fixation from 01.10.2000 etc.were clarified by St. Secy.& VP CHQ.

4Th April 2007  The coaching class for the Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for SDE at Hindi Class Room, CTO, Kolkata has been started with lot of enthusiasm of the candidates  as  Scheduled.  Dr. S K Chakraborty, CGM/CTD was kind enough to attend the inauguration  and given a very fruitful guideline to the aspirants. The function was also participated by Mr. Shivratan, DGM/BB/WBTC, VP/CHQ, St. Secy, St. President, CWC member (Com. H K Das), other SHQ office bearers. The next class will be held at the conference hall, 3rd floor, Telephone Bhawan on 7th April 2007 at 5 PM.  CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

03-04-2007   Coaching class for filling up 25% SDE posts from the JTOs through Limited Departmental Competitive Examination to be inaugurated on 4th Apr2007 by Dr. S K Chakraborty, CGM/CTD in the Hindi Class Room ( Entrance Raj Bhawan side), Mez. Floor, CTO Bldg. at 5 PM. The CWC members, State Office Bearers, Zonal Secys. Zonal Executives and activists of our association are requested to inform the would be interested candidates and also to attend the said inauguration function.

2nd Apr'2007 Regular promotion order of JTOs to the grade of SDE(Telecom) in WBTC,BSNL against 75% seniority cum fitness quota:-out  of 16, 10 nos of JTOs & 6 nos of SDE(Officiating) issued by CGM,WBTC vide memo no. SF/TC/P-10/Promotion/TES-Gr-B/2007-08  dated at Kolkata the 02-04-2007.

          St. Secy. and st. president, met DGM/Admn/CTD to discuss the anomaly in SDE officiating order issued by CGM/CTD on 27/03/2007 and DGM assured that anomaly would be rectified at the earliest.

                St. Secy. & Vice President(Chq), met PGMO/CTD to discuss the medical re-imbursement case of Late Shyama Prasad Biswas, Ex-JTO/Airport, posting of JTO in store, & implementation of conventional concept in case of posting of SDE officiating in CTD.

                  St. Secy. & Vice President(Chq), Org. Secy(S), Asstt. Secy/ETR met CGM/ETR for partial modification of SDE transfer & posting, order issued on 29/03/2007 and other issues.

29th Mar2007  Transfer & posting  in the grade of SDE(Telecom) of 22 nos of regular SDEs and 5 nos. of officiating SDEs, issued by CGM/ETR vide letter No: E-77/Group-B/2007/14 dated at Kolkata , March29,2007.

State Secy. State president met PGM(O)/CTD and had a discussion on the problems faced by the customers specially in Broad Band Service in CTD and on some pending problems.

            State Secy, Asstt. Secy(circle) met GM(o)/WBTC to discuss the recent issues on i) Prayer transfer cases of JTOs, SDEs, DEs, and officiating arrangements of SDEs & DEs etc.

28th Mar2007  State. Secy, Org. Secy(s), Asstt. Secy(c), met DGM(A)/WBTC to discuss the following issue

1) Confirmation of Direct Recruit JTOs.

2) Grd. List of JTOs.

3) Proper posting of executives in some SSAs. etc.

27th Mar2007  LOCAL OFFICIATING ORDER IN THE CADRE OF SDE IN CTD  IS ISSUED  vide letter No: SAT-2002/Local-OFFTG/06-07 dated at Kol-1, the 27/03/2007

                      State Secy. State President. Com H K Das CWC Member met CGM/CTD  & had an elaborate discussion on problems specially in Broad Band service, proper utilization of VIDEO CONFERENCING STUDIO, scopes of IP TV in CTD etc. & pending cases of prayer transfer.

                        State Secy. State President. Org. Secy(S), ASSTT. Secy(C), CWC member( Com. H K Das ) attended the meeting, called by GM(O)/WBTC at the conference hall of Circle office on 27th Mar2007 regarding Re-Nomenclature of STS of ITS Group-"A" posts in WBTC. & further officiating arrangements.

26th Mar2007  Lunch hour protest demonstration was organized at all the Exchange buildings including Telephone Bhawan & Tiretta Bazar in Calcutta Telephones & at HQ's of all SSA's including Circle office, Kolkata in WBTC by West Bengal Joint Forum of BSNL Executive & Non-Executive Associations & Unions on 26th Mar2007 against the Union Cabinet Approval of 74% FDI Hike & reduction of ADC by TRAI for the year 2007-2008 to about 2000 Crores from the existing level of 3200 Crores. Our beloved comrades attended the lunch hour demonstration spontaneously & our State & Zonal level office bearers addressed the demonstration at all places throughout West Bengal.

                     State Secy. State President. Org. Secy(S). Asstt. Secy(C). met GM(O)/WBTC to discuss :-

1) Prayer transfer cases of JTOs, SDEs, DEs

2) Re-Nomenclature of STS of ITS Group-"A" posts in WBTC

3) Further SDE & DE officiating arrangement etc.

               The West Bengal Joint Forum meeting was held on 26th Mar2007 at 18.00 Hrs. at RJCM room Telephone Bhawan  regarding future strategy of Joint Forum to be taken on local developmental issues as well as on national issues. State Secy. State President, Vice President/CHQ attended the meeting.

25th Mar2007  Inauguration of "VOICE SMS" & "VIDEO CONFERENCING STUDIO" by Honourable Sri A K SINHA, CMD,BSNL in Calcutta Telephones took place in the conference room, Telephone Bhawan (3rd Floor) Kolkata, on 25th Mar2007 at 11.00 Hrs. CGM/WBTC assured "VOICE SMS" will be implemented in WBTC at the earliest in presence of CMD,BSNL. State Secy. & State Pres. attended the function and had a discussion with CMD regarding Nabaratna Status of BSNL, and problems regarding  BB, GSM, WLL services. Promotional offers given by CGM/CTD in excel, Landline to the customers of Calcutta Telephones, but these types of promotional offers are not extended by the CGM/WBTC to the customers of WBTC - This issue was also discussed with CMD,BSNL.

22nd Mar 2007 One seminar held at Conference Room, Telephone Bhavan (3rd Floor)on 21st March 2007 from 14.00 Hrs. to 19.00 Hrs. The topics was CMTS expansion, Value addition in Telecom Services, Corporate Network, Broad Band& IP TV. Most of the State Office bearers alongwith CWC members attended the said seminar.

22nd Mar 2007Brief Case & Tool Bag Order of WBTC  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Click here for order

16th Mar 2007Promotion of JTOs to SDEs - Orders issued >>>>>>>>>>>>

14th Mar 2007State Secretary, state President, Asstt. Secy./ETR and Zonal Secy./CZ met with CGM/ETR rsegarding  JTO transfer cases , SDE tenure transfer cases and implementation of promotion policy.

State secretary, Org.Secretary/South Bengal and Astt. Secretary/Circle met with DGM(Admn./WBTC) regarding implementation of promotion policy and further officiating arrangement of SDE to DE and JTO to SDE.

13th Mar 2007A Meeting was held on 12-03-2007 with CE(civil) and SE(P&A/Civil),State Secretary, Vice President/CHQ, Astt. Secretary/Civil, Zonal Secretary/CZ and Astt.Zonal Secretary/Civil(CZ) took part in the discussion. The following points has been discussed in the said meeting. i) Transfer/posting of the SDE(C)/JTO(C) for the year 2007-08. ii) Request transfer cases of SDE(C)/JTO(C) on humanitarian ground as well as from planning unit and vice-versa. iii) Vehicle in respect of every sub-division for smooth execution of tower works for IMPCS project as well as tower works under U S O fund. iv) Mobile/WLL connection to every Executive as per the directives of BSNL. v) Pending service Telephone connection in the residence of Executives. vi) Pay fixation of Executives those who are repatriated from postal wings and Miscellaneous.

 6th Mar  2007State Secretary, State President, Org. Secy. South Bengal, Asstt. Secy./Circle and Zonal Secy./CZ hold a meeting with GM(Operation) and DGM Admn., WBTC on 06-03-2007 for discussion pending SDE officiating cases,further DE&SDE officiating arrangement,Rule-38 cases, etc.

State Office bearer meeting will be held today(06-03-2007) at Association office from 18.00Hrs.

5th Mar  2007 General Body meeting of serampore Zone was held on 2nd March 2007 at Uttarpara Tele.Exch. Com.Tapas Ghosh, St. Secy., Com.Soumen Ghosh, Astt. treasurer/SHQ and Com. Tarakeswar Datta, Astt. Secy./CTD attended the said meeting.


28th  Feb  2007Review of Policy for provision of Residential Service Telephone Connections and Mobile  Telephone Connections to Executives and Non-executives and fixation of call limit thereupon -  amendment- reg.  >>>>>>>>>

26-02-2007  Next Bi-monthly Meeting of South Zone will be held on 19-04-2007 at Telecom Factory, Alipore.

Scheduled AGB of Siliguri Zone held on 25-02-2007. Com. Tapas Ghosh, St. Secy.,Com. Sudip De Chowdhury, VP/CHQ, Com. Rupak Sen, AGS/CHQ, Com. Srikanta Awon, Asst. Secy./Circle and Com. Harekrishna Das, CWC attended the AGB.    Com. Ranjit Majumder, Com. Shyamal Guha and Com. Sujit Roy unanimously elected as president, Secretary and treasurer for the next term.

Scheduled AGB of Jalpaiguri Zone held on 24-02-2007. Com. Tapas Ghosh, St. Secy., Com. Sudip De Chowdhury, VP/CHQ, Com. Rupak Sen, AGS/CHQ, Com. Srikanta Awon, Asst. Secy./Circle and Com. Harekrishna Das, CWC attended the AGB.    Com. T S Bhattacharya, Com. Samar Mukherjee and Com. Sanjay unanimously elected as president, Secretary and treasurer for the next term.

19-02-2007  A meeting was held on 19-02-2007 to modification of transfer and posting of officiating SDEs under Area Manager Bidhannagar. The meeting was attended by Com. S P Majumder/VP,Shq.,Com. P K Maity, VP/Shq., Com. D Ghosh, President/NE Zone alongwith SHQ and CHQ office bearers.

A meeting was held with PGM(O)/CTD on 19-02-2007 for the issues related to medical claim of Late S P Biswas, JTO/Airport and  implementation of promotional policy for JTO/JAO/SDE/AO/DE/CAO Etc. Com. St. Secretary, Com. ST.President, &Com. R Sen, AGS/CHQ discussed the issues in details.

A meeting was held with CGM/CTD on 19-02-2007 regarding the future programme of Broadband Service and IP TV in CTD Com. St. Secretary & Com. St. President attended the said meeting.

Meeting was held with DGM/Admn./WBTC, regarding i) SDE & DE officiating arrangement ii) Pending transfer cases iii) Pay fixation of newly promoted JTOs.

CEC meeting of Orissa Circle was held on 17-02-2007 at Puri. Which was attended and was addressed by Com. Dilip Saha/St. President WB St. Br. and Com. Basudeb Ganguly, CWC/WB. St. Br. alongwith Com. P Mahato, Jt. Secy. East/CHQ and Com. S De Chowdhury, VP/CHQ.


West Bengal State Branch Strongly conveyed to CHQ in regard to inclusion of residency  period from 01-10-2000 for the purpose of time bound promotion of our comrades of Civil/Elect./TF/Arch.Though CHQ has taken the Issue seriously immediate after issuence of promotion policy.

The issue of counting of the residency period of our Comrades of Civil /Elect./TF/ Arch. who got their upgraded IDA pay scale after 1.10.2000 is being taken by the association on topmost priority . Our Comrades from these wings should remain fully assured that this association is committed, come what may, to resolve this issue to the satisfaction of our comrades in these disciplines. In fact, fresh consideration of this issue by BSNL Management has already begun. We shall relentlessly pursue this issue.

16-02-2007  AGB of Jalpaiguri Zone will be held on 24-02-2007 at Mukta Bhavan, Jalpaiguri and AGB of Siliguri Zone Will be held on 25-02-2007 at TRC hall Main Telephone Exchange Building, Siliguri.

12-02-2007 Scheduled AGB of Bankura Zone was held on 10-02-2007. Com. S De Chowdhury,VP/CHQ, Com. R Sen, AGS/CHQ, Com.Tapas Ghosh,State Secretary, Com. Dilip Saha, St. President, Com. Nitish Biswas,VP/SHQ, Com. Mihir Bose, Org. Secy/CTD, Com. S Sanyal, Org. Secy/South Bengal, Com. S Awon, Astt.Secy/Circle, Com. Soumen Ghosh, Astt. Treasurer/SHQ, Com. Basudeb Ganguly, CWC & Com Atanu Mondal,CWC/Zonal Secy.Central Zone ateended the said AGB. Com. Tapas Chakraborty, Com. Sanat Kr. Mondal & Com. Mohanlal Chowdhury unanimously elected as President, Secretary & Treasurer of Bankura Zone for the next term.

03-02-2007  Scheduled AGB of Krishnanagar Zone held on 03-02-2007. Com. Tapas Ghosh, St. Secy.,Com. Sankar Sanyal, Org. Secy./S.Bengal, Com. Srikanta Awon, Asst. Secy./Circle, Com. Tarakeswar datta, Asst.Secy./CTD and Com. Harekrishna Das, CWC attended the AGB.    Com. Subodh Kr. Das, Com. Mangal Paramanik and Com. Bikash Ch. Biswas unanimously elected as president, Secretary and treasurer for the next term of Krishnanagr Zone. 

23-01-2007Scheduled AGB of Suri Zone was held on 20-01-2007 at conference hall of west bengal Co-operative Bank, Rampurhat.Com. P K Chattopadhyay, Com. S K Mukherjee and Com. Abbasuddin Seikh unanimously elected as President, Secretary and Treassurer of Suri Zone for the next term.


The issue of counting of the residency period of our Comrades of Civil /Elect./TF/ Arch. who got their upgraded IDA pay scale after 1.10.2000 is being taken by the association on topmost priority . Our Comrades from these wings should remain fully assured that this association is committed in come what may to resolve this issue to the satisfaction of our comrades in these disciplines. In fact, fresh consideration of this issue by BSNL Management has already begun. We shall relentlessly pursue this issue.


Following the discussions of the GS and CMD on 15-01-2007 , the CMD held further discussions with Director (Finance) and caused the Promotion Policy orders to be issued as promised by him to the Association. The Promotion Policy have been issued.

PROMOTION POLICY FOR BSNL EXECUTIVES - ORDER No 400-61/2004-Pers.I dated 18-01-2007 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Calcutta Telephones Sanction Diary rate for 2007 Rs.160/ per diary->>>>>Click here for sanction copy.

West Bengal Circle also sanction Rs.160/- per diary for 2007 >>>>>>> Click here for sanction copy.

AGB of Bankura zone will be held on 10-02-2007 at Telecom Recreation Club of Bankura Telephone Exchange

AGB of Suri Zone will be held on 20.01.2007 at Rampurhat Co-operative Bank Meeting Hall.

New 15-01-2007

St. Secy, St. President alongwith most of the office bearers met GM(O/WBTC) for cancellation of revised transfer and posting order of Sri Alok Majumder/SDOT, Birpara. As per our demand cancellation order has been issued by circle office on 15-01-2007.


St. Secy. and St. President met PGM(O),CTD to discuss i) Transfer cases of JTOs and Officiating SDEs. ii). Medical Claim for some of our commrades. iii) POI connectivities etc.


General body meeting of South zone was held on 11-01-2007 at the office of DE/Extl/Garia. Zonal Secty. addressed the meeting on various problem of the members. From State body St.Secty.; Com T Dutta, Astt. St. Secty.; Com H K Das, CWC Member attended & addressed the meeting on various SHQ/CHQ development mainly on promotional policy & development of BSNL.


A meeting was held with GM(OP) and DGM(Admn.) of WBTC. The following issues are discussed elaborately viz.The meeting was attended by St. Secy., St. President, Astt.Secy.Circle and South Bengal Org. Secy.

!).  Posting of reliever for already transferred JTOs.

2).  Further SDE officiating arrangement for the vacant SDE post in all SSAs in WBTC.

3).  Further DE officiating arrangement for the vacant DE post in all SSAs in WBTC.

4).  Confirmation  and pending EPF balancesheets of Direct recruitment JTOs.

5).  Enhancement of brief case rate.

6).  Lateral advancement case of JTOs., those who completed of 12 year of service.

7).  JTO and SDE transfer cases.

Co-ordination Committee has deferred the ongoing programme of agitation to give more time to the DPE to study the demand in the memorandum submitted to the Hon. Prime Minister by the Co-ordination Committee. The Prime Minister forwarded the same to the DPE through the Cabinet Secretary. The Secretary Power who had a meeting with the Cabinet Secretary assured the leaders that the Cabinet Secretary informed him that the issues will be seriously considered by the DPE for its resolution. The Cabinet Secretary has also assured the merger of 50% DA with the basic w.e.f 1-01-2005 will be included as a special item in the terms of reference of the Wage Revision Board for Executives in CPSUs after obtaining the approval of the Cabinet. The Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises away in Assam will return to the Capital only tomorrow night. The Co-ordination Committee is likely to meet the Minister as soon as he returns to the Capital for taking up the matter directly with him also.

Annual General meeting of the Junior Engineers'(Telecom) Co-operative Credit Society Limited will be held on 29-12-2006 at Telegraph Institute hall (CTO)>>>>>>>>Click here for the notice.

We Congratulate BSNLEU, NUBSNLW(FNTO) and other affiliates of the United Forum for becoming 1st recognised union in BSNL in the 3rd membership verification of the non-executives.


Shri S D Saxena, Director Finance/BSNL addressed the huge gathering of the participants of the agitation held at Telephone Bhavan.He felt, the demands made by the executives on IDA merger is justified and informed that promotional policy of the executives of BSNL is already approved and assured the same shall be implemented shortly.Further,he also assured to look into the other justified demands of the executives of BSNL.

Huge Central gathering witnessed on 2nd day of strike programme held at Tele Bhavan Kolkata. Com. Utpal Ghoshdostider, Circle Secy/NFTEBSNL(CTD), Com. Siddhartha Mondal, Circle Secy/NFTEBSNL(WBTC), Com.Swapan Sarkar, Astt. Circle Secy,Bms(CTD), Com. N H Siddique,Circle Secy/AIBSNLEA(WBTC) addressed the gathering beside our Chq/Shq/Zone/Division office bearers.


We congratulate our all the members for their 100% spontaneous support & participation in the indefinite strike programme from today i.e. 22nd December 2006. Response for the strike is superb.  The National average is between 80 to 90%. Congratulations to the fighting Comrades . We must exhibit our total support for  tomorrow  in continuation of the strike and till the desired achievement. Apart from the office bearers of our CHQ/SHQ/Zone, Com. B. N. Sarkar,Acting Cir.Secy. / AIBSNLEA(CTD), Com. Aloke Nandy, Dy.Gen.Secy.Chq/ NUBSNLW (FNTO), Com. Saibal Sengupta, Circle Secy /BSNLEU(CTD), Com. Animesh Mitra,Circle Secy/BSNLEU(WBTC), Com. Susanta Ghosh, Circle Secy,NUBSNLW(FNTO),WBTC addressed in support of all the demands in our central gathering at the Grd floor of Tele. Bhavan, Kolkata.    We,  congratulate all the Zonal bodies in WBTC for their successful programme at the SSA Hqrs. alongwith Darjeeling, Durgapur, Burdwan and also congratulate our comrades of Andaman&Nicobar for their 100% participation in strike at the Port Blair Telephone Exchange. 

Indefinite Strike Notice w.e.f. 22nd December 2006 of the General Secretaryaddressed to the CMD/BSNL endorsed to the CGM/CTD, CGM/WBTC, CGM/ETR, CGM/ETP, CGM/Telecom Store, CGM/Telecom Factory, Pr. Ch. Engineer/Civil, Ch. Engineer/Electrical, Ch. Architect. by West Bengal State Branch. All the Zonal Secretaries are requested to submit the Strike Notice to the concern head of the SSAs. Emergency State office bearers meeting with kolkata based Zonal Secretaries is called on 15-12-06 at Association Office(RCH) at 5 P M. All the Zonal Secretaries are requested to conduct group meetings with base level members for the grand success of said strike so that we can achieve our demands at the earliest.

Click here for GS Notice >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Click here for St. Secy's Letter regarding Strike >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Zonal secretaries are instructed to download the contents of the posters and paste them for wide propagation.

Zonal secretaries may also make handmade placards based on our demands.

Click here for the posters >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


St.Sec wrote a letter to Principal Chief Engineer (Civil) for settlement of problems of JTO/SDE s.     Click here for the Letter >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Scheduled Lunch Hour Demonstration held at Telephone Bhavan Com. S De Chowdhury(VP/CHQ) and State Secretary addressed the mass.

"DHARNA ON 12TH DECEMBER" in CTD Lunch hour demonstration will be held centrally at Telephone Bhavan and in WBTC Lunch hour demonstration is scheduled to be held at all SSA HeadQtr. Members are requested to participate in mass for  success of the programme. The demands are as follows:-  1) Merger of 50% DA with Basic Pay w.e.f. 01.01.2005    2) Release of lump-sum adhoc relief pending discussion with next pay panel for salary revision w.e.f 01.01.2002 & restoration of periodicity of pay revision as 5 years. 3) Removal of ceiling on payment of gratuity. 4) Removal of 50% ceiling  on allowances. 5) Removal of Tax on fringe benefits etc.


Meeting held with the CGM, ETR on 08.12.2006 regarding tenure transfer for both JTOs/SDEs and to initiate SDE officiating arrangement beside the discussion of pending transfer cases.St. Secy.,  Astt.Secy./ETR, Astt. Secy/Circle and Org. Secy./South Bengal attended the meeting.

St. Secy., Astt. Secy/Circle, Org.Secy./South Bengal and Zonal Secy.(Central Zone/CWC) met with GM(Mktg./WBTC)on 08-12-2006 regarding the present scenario and future aspects of mktg.in WBTC beside arrangement of recruitment in the compassionate ground.                             


Scheduled AGB of Asansol Zone was held on 03-12-2006 at Indian Medical Association Hall, Raniganj. Com. S De Chowdhury,VicePresident/CHQ, President/SHQ, Com.Nitish Biswas,Vice President/Shq, Org. Secy./South Bengal, Astt. Secy./Circle, Astt. Treasurer, Zonal Secy./Bankura, Zonal Secy./Burdwan, Astt.Zonal Secy.&Treasurer/Durgapur and Zonal Secy. (Central Zone/CWC) attended the AGB. Com. Amit Chakraborty, Com. Sisir Kumar Bose and Com. Ashim Kumar Mondal unanimously elected as Zonal President, Zonal Secretary and Zonal Treasurer for the next term.


St. President, Astt. Secy./Electrical, Zonal Secy.(Central Zone/CWC), Division Secy. & President of Electrical Division met with Ch. Engineer/Electrical regarding formation of CMTS team of electrical wing exclusively  for BTS maintenance and other issues related to electrical wings.

St. President, Org. Secy./South Bengal and Asstt. Secy./Circle met with GM(Operation/WBTC) on 29-11-2006 regarding officiating arrangement of SDE and recruitment in the compassionate ground.

AGB of Asansol Zone will be held on 03-12-2006 at Raniganj.

The DGM(PN) of Telecom Factory,Alipore intimated the CGM/CTD about Setting up of repair facilities for IFWTs of HUAWEI make requesting the concern SSA heads of CTD for sending the faulty IFWTs  for necessary repair >>>>>>>>>click for letter


Long pending officiating promotion case of Com. Shyamal Ranjan Talukdar,JTO/Pradhannagar(SLG/SSA) has been settled. He has been posted as officiating SDOT/Birpara(JPG/SSA) vide CGMT,WBTC,Kolkata Order No. SF/TC/P-10/XIV/officiating/2006-07 Dt. 22/11/2006.


Scheduled AGB of Durgapur Zone Held on 19-11-2006 at City Centre Telephone Exchange, Durgapur. State President, VP/SHQ,Com. Nitish Biswas, Org. Secy/South Bengal, Org. Secy./CTD, Astt.Secy./Circle, Asstt.Secy./ETR, Zonal Secy./Bankura, Zona Secy./Darjeeling, ZonalSecy./Asansol, ZonalSecy./Burdwan,ZonalSecy.&President /Suri and  Zonal Secretary(Central Zon/ CWC) attended the AGB. Alongwith open session the AGB was very Colourful. Com.Ashim Roy Chowdhury, Com. Madhu Datta and Com. D P Mukherjee unanimously elected as Zonal President, Zonal Secretary and Zonal Treasurer for the next tenure.


Scheduled meeting with GM(Mobile/WBTC) held on 17.11.2006 in his chamber. Elaborate discussion was held regarding better functioning of  CMTS at Salt lake as it is the nodal centre for GSM service of Eastern Region comprising of seven circles in BSNL. GM assured to Association that every necessary action will be taken by administration for development of better Mobile service. In this context all Zonal Secretaries are requested to send all the informations and suggestions regarding Mobile service so that SHQ can pursue the cases with GM/Mobile and CGM/WBTC.State Secy., State President, Astt. Secy./New Service, Zonal Secy.(Central Zone/CWC) and other CMTS Comrades  participated in the meeting .

Meeting with GM(O),WBTC  held on 16.11.2006 in his chamber to discuss the confirmation of direct recruit JTOs, Lateral promotion for the JTOs those who  already completed 12 years service as regular JTO in the department, officiating arrangement in the cadre of DE and SDE and other pending cases.State Secy. and Org. Secy./South Bengal took part in the discussion.


The Local Officiating order in the Grade of TES Gr.B have been issued by the Calcutta Telephones,122 Nos. JTO would be benefited for the higher responsibility Job. On behalf of our Association, we congratulate them all.

Monthly Meeting of Central Zone was held on 14-11-2006 at CTO hall. VP/CHQ, Astt. Secy./CTD, Astt. Secy./ETR, Astt.Secy./Electrical  and  Astt. Treasurer/SHQ attended the meeting.


Com M K Sen, DE/Legal(Asansol) and Com. S Bakshi, JTO/Hill View joined our Association. We whole heartedly welcome both of them. we congratulate the Asansol Zonal body for their inspiring activities.

Meeting with GM(O),WBTC held on 13.11.2006  regarding DE officiating, SDE officiating and other issues  at his chamber. St. Secretary, St. President and Zonal Secy.(central Zone/CWC) took part in the discussion.

AGB of Durgapur Zone will be held on 19.11.2006 at City Centre Durgapur.


Monthly Meeting of Bankura Zone was held on 12.11.2006 at Purulia. Ags/CHQ, Org. Secy South Bengal and Org. Secy./CTD  attended the said meeting.

Scheduled AGB of Kharagpur Zone was held on 11.11.2006 at GM office Kharagpur. AGS/CHQ, St. Secy., Org.Secy. South Bengal, Org. Secy./CTD, Treasurer/SHQ and Zonal Secy Central Zone(CWC)  attended the said meeting. Com. S Bhaduri, Com. A L Khatua and Com. S R Manna unanimously elected as Zonal president, Zonal secretary and Zonal Treasurer for the next tenure.

Monthly Meeting of Serampore Zone was held on 10.11.2006 at Serampore AM office Bldg. AGS/CHQ, St. Secy. Org. Secy/CTD, Com. T Datta Astt.Secy/CTD, Astt. Treasurer and Zonal Secy. Central Zone(CWC)  attended the meeting.


Scheduled Monthly meeting of South Zone was held on 09.11.2006 at Alipore AM office Bldg. AGS/CHQ, St. Secy.,St. President,  Org. Secy./CTD,  Com. T Datta/Astt.Secy,CTD,  Com.H.K. Das/CWC and Zonal Secy./Central Zone(CWC)  attended the meeting.

Meeting was held on 09.11.2006 with the SE(P&A), office of the Pr. Ch. Engineer(Civil) to discuss the various problems related to the anomalies as it was pointed out catagoricaly to the PCE(Civil) on 03.11.2006, while that officer admitted the faults and assured the State Secy. for necessary rectification for both SDE and JTO Civil. Beside the  St. Secy., Com. H K Das(CWC), Com.Saroj Sanyal /Astt. Secy. Civil and Zonal Secy.(Central Zone/CWC) also took part in that meeting.


It has been reported by Com S. R .Talukder,JTO, and Com. S Guha,SDE, Pradhannagar, Siliguri that unauthorised and unwarranted digging of joint pits of U/G cable of Pradhannagar Tele. Exchange was getting executed by Reliance Infocom. Ltd. with some malafide intention to disrupt the Telephone Network of BSNL at siliguri. This has also been reported by the " Uttarbanga Sangbad" on 1St November 2006 at Siliguri that timely action has been taken by the concerned SDOT/Pradhannagar, otherwise Tele Network could suffer a lot. On behalf of Reliance Infocom. Ltd. they have admitted the consequence and undertaken the  responsibility  not to cause any damage to our Tele system in future. On behalf of State Body, we appreciate the efforts made by comrades of Siliguri Zone. Members are requested to remain alert and vigil to prevent such incidence of damage to BSNL property by the private operators with or without malafide intention.

Bi-monthly meeting of NS Zone with Area Manager/BKP will be held on 07-11-2006 on different issues.

Bi-monthly GB meeting  of NS Zone held on 28-10-2006 at panihati Telephone Exchange,Asst. Secy/CTD attended the said meeting.


One correction regarding answer book of SDE, competitive examination that Rs 750/- per set is the actual cost instead of Rs 720/- which was communicated earlier. We have been updated by the GS, MTNLEA, Mumbai


The state body welcomes the enrolment in the membership of SNEA(I) at Gangtok for the following executives on 1st Nov'2006.

1) Mr H Basumata, DE,OSD, 2) B D Tamang, DE(MW),ETR 3) Subrato Iswarary, DE,T&M 4) Dipak Majumdar, JAO.

The state body appreciate and congratulate the sincere efforts made by the Org, Secy/North, the Zonal secy, President and other office bearers who are associated with such type of unique org. efforts.


Customer Service Center of JOKA Telephone Exch. inaugurated by the CGM/CTD to facilitate the local subscribers of that area on 04-11-2006.


A meeting on developmental activities held on 02-11-2006 at 14.30 hrs. in conference room, Circle office, Kolkata under the chairmanship of the CGM,WBTC. On behalf of our association the State Secy. President, Org. Secy/Circle, Astt. Secy/Circle attended the said meeting.


The BSNL, Calcutta Telephones has released one CD- A compilation of selected songs of great Pankaj Kumar Mullick & Sachin Dev Burman at convergence hall on 3rd Nov'2006 at 11.00hrs. The CD was inaugurated in the presence of Swami Tyagarupananda, Principal, Ramkrishna Mission Vidyamandir as chief Guest and Smt. Suchitra Mitra as Guest of Honour. On behalf of our association the VP/CHQ, State Secy, CWC member/ZS(Central) participated in that occassion.


One communication received from GM/Mobile,WBTC addressed to the State Secy.WB state Br. dated 26-10-2006 as acknowladgement, while the GM informed that the issues are under examination with the direction to the concerned officer to take suitable measures


State Secy. pointed out all the anomalies to the Pr. Ch. Engineer(Civil),WB Circle of the transfer/posting order of the SDEs/JTOs (Civil) in the recent time.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Click Here For the Letter.


AGB meeting of Kharagpur Zone will be held on 11-11-2006. at  GM office Kharagpur.


The Scheduled half day Executive meeting held on 26.10.2006 at CTO hall Kolkata, most of the zonal secretaries, executives of different zone, state office bearers,  VP/CHQ and AGS/CHQ were participated. The full day Executive Meeting will be held at Jaigaon, Jalpaiguri district in the 2nd or 3rd week of January 2007 which date would be notified latter.


GS met Shri.Y.S.Bhave Special Secretary and Chairman Promotion Policy Committee. Shri.Bhave informed him that he would use his personal efforts to ensure that the Promotion Policy is cleared untouched. The final draft submitted by the BSNL for administrative approval by the DOT is expected to be approved within a couple of days, most probably before the end of this month.

 17-10-2006 The half day state executive meeting is rescheduled at the C T O Hall at 1.00 PM on 26-10-2006.

 Regarding Competitive Exam. of SDE, answer Books are available in Rs. 710/- including delivery charges, Zonal Secretaries are requested to contact Com. S N Prasad, GS/MTNL, Mumbai and Com. J J Mathius, AGS, Sivaji Park Telephone Exchange, H P Marg, Dadar(west), Mumbai-400028, Phone Number:-022-20302422, for collecting the required copies.     

Important decisions of CWC at Goa. >>> Click here for the details>>>>

2nd Congress of NCOA at Goa. >>>Click here for the the details>>>

The declaration regarding professional up gradation allowance to be submitted annually instead of monthly. Order issued on 18-10-2006 >>> Click here for the order>>>                                          

The Call limit for RSTC & Mobile granted by the BSNL corporate office for the executives & the non-executives on 12-10-2006. >> Click here for the order >>>                                                                                                                  

  Latest  List of Elligible JTOs Likely to be Called for DPC for Local Officiating to SDE in CTD >>>> Click for the list                                                                                                                                                 




One meeting held with the trainee JTOs at Kalyani Trg. Center on 19-10-2006 to welcome & apprise the role of our association for overall development of BSNL. The meeting was attended by AGS/CHQ, Org.Secy./CTD, both the Asst. Secy./CTD, Zonal Secy. of N S zone with other zonal office bearers.                                                                              




Local officiating promotion in the grade of SDE/Telecom in WBTC :- 1) Shri Manojit Chakraborty/JTO, Malda in the post of SDE(PR & Legal)/Raigunj & 2) Shri Salil Poddar,JTO SW-Install/Kol in the post of SDOT,Tamluk, vide memeo No:- SF/TC/P-10/XIV/Officiating/2006-07 dated at Kolkata, the 18-10-2006.                                                                                                                 


Options for officiating are invited for filling up of three posts of the DE's vide order No:- SF/TC/P-9/STS/Officiating/2006-07 dated 18-10-2006. in the vacancy of 1) Assansol 2) Kharagpur 3) CTO/Kolkata. The last date for submission of the option is 31-10-2006 while eligibility criteria is minimum 6 (Six) years of service as SDE.                                                                 



The St. Secy. & President met the PMG/OP, CTD discussed elaborately regarding developments of CTD on 18-10-2006.                                   


Divisional meeting of Elect. wing was held at the office of the E.E (Elect.), Vivekananda Road on 18-10-2006. Farewell given to our members 1) Shri Tapan Kumar Biswas, SW(Elect.) & 2) S C Bhattacharya, EE(Elect.). The meeting was attended by the St. Secy. & Astt. Secy.(Elect.)                             



17-10-2006 The St. Secy. addressed to the GM(Mobile), WBTC for improvement of mobile service and also expressed girvances of the executives deployed in mobile. >>>>Click here for the letter>>>>


A meeting was held with GM(West/North)/CTD on 17-10-2006 regarding

1) Acute shortage of JTOs & SDEs, specially at Howrah & Sreerampore area 2) Pending transfer cases of JTOs & SDEs

3) Broadband maintenance 4) Review of vehicle tender in area Sreerampore 5) Proper work distribution of executives etc.

The meeting was attended by the St. Secy, St. President, Org. Secy/CTD, Z/S & President of Howrah & Sreerampore zone

16-10-2006  Meeting was held with DGM (A) and GM(O), WBTC on 16-10-2006regarding vacancy position of SDE's from 1998-99 to 2005-06 for the ensuing promotion from JTO to SDE and the same subject was discussed with CTD & ETR Administration. The meetings were attended by St. Secy. with other concerned office bearers.                                                                                                                             


Bi-monthly GB meeting of NE zone held at Cossipore Telephone Exch. building on 13-10-2006. The meeting attended by the VP/CHQ, AGS/CHQ, St. Secy, CWC members (H K Das & B Ganguly) & VP/SHQ (S P Majumder). The St. Secy. addressed over the issue of development and requested the members to involve themselves in organisational activities.                                                                                                                           

Bijoya Sammelani organised by the NS zone at Bhatpara Exch. building on 13-10-2006. The meeting was attended by the ST. President, Org. Secy/CTD, Org. Secy/South Bengal, Astt. Secy/Circle.                                                                                                                                            

Revised tariffs for PCOs issued - Revision of Pulse rate, minimum guarantee for local PCOs/ VPTs including CCB PCOs an liberalization of policy for allotment of PCOs (Local & STD / ISD PCOs. )                                                 

The migration of PCOs on a large scale was a matter of concern for the finances of the BSNL. The SNEA therefore has repeatedly pressed the Management for drastic steps to improve the terms and conditions for the PCOs. Accordingly the orders issued containing the major changes proposed by us.  (1) Pulse rate has been revised to 60 Secs  (2) Steps towards One India concept initiated on PCOs (3) 95 level opened up for PCOs. (4) Minimum guarantee conditions revised. We will be pursuing further reforms in this sector to make the running of PCOs attractive so as to increase the revenue of BSNL.  

Orders issued No.3-22/2005-R&C dated 12-10-06.>>>>>>>>.                   

GS meets Sr.DDG ( Per) to pursue (1) Promotion of JTOs to SDEs and SDEs to Adhoc STS (2) Notification of Competitive Exam . Sr.DDG stated that steps on these issues are progressing well.

BSNL DIWALI BONANZA - BSNL ONE INDIA LANDLINE PLAN MADE MORE ATTRACTIVE- The monthly rental is further slashed to a price of Rs.180/month, which will also come along with increased free calls etc etc.- See BSNL press release for further details. >>>>>>>>>>

Recovery of Arrears of EPF Contribution from the employees recruited by BSNL directly -  The portion of arrears towards employee's share of EPF contribution which has been paid by BSNL, shall be recovered from the pay & allowances of concerned employee on monthly basis @ 18 % of Gross Salary per month or Rs. 3000 per month whichever is lower. Therefore the remaining amount of recovery should be made in suitable installments in accordance with the above guidelines. Orders issued No: 500-85/CA II /BSNL/EPF/Vol II  dated 11.10.2006>>>>>>>


Payment of IDA increased by 4.8 % to 65.2 % - Order No. 14-1/2004-PAT (BSNL) dated 12-10-06>>>>>>>>


State Secy., State President, Org. Secy. (South Bengal), Asst. Secy. (Circle) had a discussion on 12-10-2006 with the GM(operation,WBTC) regarding i) Pending prayer transfer cases of SDEs.ii) SDE officiating iii) SDE officiating arrangement at the posts where concern officials declined and etc.

SNEA leaders Com.G.L.Jogi GS, Com.A.A.Khan, Com.Rakesh Mehta Jt.Secretary( West) ,Com.D.D.Bansal Jt.Secretary ( Central) held elaborate discussions with CMD BSNL. The CMD informed that the Promotion Policy Report  has been approved by BSNL Board and sent to Secretary DOT for approval. The salient features of the approved report are (1) Attendant conditions for Time Bound Promotions have been approved in toto as recommended by the Committee. (2) Eligibility for Functional Promotion approved in toto as per the report of the Committee. (3) Recruitment of STS officers will be in the ratio 50:25:25.( Seniority cum Fitness: Internal Competitive Exam: External Competitive Exam) (4) Residential period for those  whose pay scales are revised at par with the Engg.Officers after 1-10-2000 will be reckoned from 1-10-2000.(5) Recruitment rules of TES Grp'B' have been changed from the ratio 3:1 to 2:1 ( Seniority cum Fitness; Internal Competitive Exam) (6) Double fixation benefits has been approved by the Director Board. However a decision on this will be taken by the DOT.  Secretary Telecom is at present out of country and is expected back on 17th Oct 20006. After his return the formal approval on the Promotion policy will be issued.

The Association also took up the issue of mass exodus of Bfone subscribers from BSNL resulting in a loss of Rs.1046 Crores in that sector in 2005-06 compared to the figures of 2004-05. CMD and Director (Finance) appreciated the concern of the Association over the issue. CMD requested the Association to submit our views / suggestions on improving the performance. He also informed that orders will soon be issued to revise the pulse rate of PCOs to 60 seconds as suggested by us.

The Association will be meeting Director (HRD) on Monday 16-10-2006.  to discuss in detail about (1) Promotion of JTOs to SDEs (2) SDEs to DEs and (3) Transfer policy.


Monthly meeting of central zone on(10.10.2006) observed as colourful Vijaya sammelani.

  DOT has received clearance from the Ministry of Finance regarding payment of CGEGIS. Formal orders for payment of  CGEGIS ( saving portion) shall be issued very shortly.
Orders for revised tariffs for PCOs are being issued shortly.
Minutes of the approval of Promotion Policy report for the Executives  by BSNL Board has been sent to  DOT  for Administrative approval.

GS met Shri.Y.S.Bhave Spl.Secretary DOT who informed that       CMD BSNL, Chairman Promotion Policy Committee Shri.Y.S.Bhave and   Director (HRD) made presentation of the Promotion Policy Report to          Secretary Telecom today. The Secretary Telecom has by and large approved the recommendations contained in the report of the Committee.


The half day Executive meeting is scheduled to be held on 26.10.2006 at  C T O Hall from 1.00 P.M. All the CHQ office bearers belongs to WB state branch, CWC members , SHQ officer bearers, Zonal Secretaries and State Executives are cordially requested to participate in the said meeting. Agenda are as follows:-                                                                                       

1. Fixation of date and venue of the full day executive meeting.                                    

2. Detail report on the last CWC Meeting , NCOA (2nd Congress) held at GOA.                

3. Publication of Diary for the year 2007                                                                                               

4. Organisational review

5. Misc.

 The CGM , WBTC is pleased to call for option for local officiating in the grade SDE           (Telecom) vide Order no. SF/TC/P-10/XIV/Officiating/2006-07 Dated 28-09-2006. Willing     candidates may exercise their options through controlling officers to the Asstt.General       Manger (Staff) o/o the CGM Telecom, W.B. Circle, Kolkata - 700001 within 31-10-06 in the prescribed proforma. Locations (No. of Post) are as follows:-                                                                 

 Asansol (2 ), Kolkata (1),Coochbehar (1), Gangtok (1), Kharagpur (1), Krishnagar (1) , Ranaghat (1) ---- Total posts 8       nos.                                                                                                                                            


Surrender of PCOs is taking place on a mass scale. Our field units are requested to identify the exact problems leading to such mass exodus. PCOs are source of great source of revenue to BSNL. CMD has   asked GS to immediately give specific inputs to the BSNL Management that shall help in arresting this   exodus. Let us all understand the great significance of retaining PCOs and let us all get involved whole       heartedly and not superficially in stopping this dangerous trend. Field units are requested to send their        suggestions immediately to GS in the email id lalitadjogi@yahoo.co.in so that the same can be discussed     with the BSNL Management and appropriate remedial actions is taken. Comrades consider this matter    as most urgent and act accordingly.