News and updates of August 2006



 Meeting held with GM(Operation/WBTC) on 31-08-2006 regarding  SDE  officiating in WBTC, Rule-38 cases of JTOs recruited by BSNL, pending  prayer transfer cases of JTOs. The meeting was attended by   St. Secy. St. President, Org. Secy., South Bengal,  Asstt. Secy.,Circle  and  CWC(H K Das).


    As scheduled meeting held with the CGM,CTD in his chamber on 31-08-06 to discuss the problems related to the Mtce.of BTS and Zonal staff. The St. Secy., already addresed the CGM,CTD on 29-08-06 regarding equipment faults, antena orientation work ,central dedicated team for drive test etc. Beside the CGM, GM(IT), GM(WLL), GM(MOBILE), DGM(MOBILE) were present in the meeting while the CGM has appreciated all the relevant points and assured that due care would be taken to ensure better service to the customers. The meeting was attended by the VP,CHQ, St.Secy., St.President, Org.Secy/CTD., CWC member.


  Divisional Conference of Telecom Factory Division of South Zone held on 30-08-2006 at Telecom Factory, Alipore.  VP(CHQ), St.Secy., St.President, Asstt. Secy./CTD, CWC members and  South Zone President, Org. Secy., Treasurer, Asstt.Treasurer attended this conference.


   The Leaders of the Joint Forum of Executive and Non-executive met Shri Rakesh Agarwal,CGM/WBTC on 30-08-2006 protesting against such inordinate delay for restoration of steady Mobile service, demanded impartial enquiry from outside agency and shifting of the office of the GM(Mobile) & DGM(Mobile) from CTO Bldg. to Salt Lake CMTS Campus.On behalf of SNEA(I), the St. Secretary and Zonal Secy,CZ/CWC took commandable lead in that meeting. A joint memorandum has been submitted to the CGM/WBTC       >>>>  Click here for the letter



     GS Express his grave concern to the CMD/BSNL of the major lapses causing huge harrasment to the subscriber of BSNL /Mobile of  Eastern region and requested to intervene in the matter to streamline a better Mobile service, for details see CHQ NEWS.
    State secretary and State President met DGM(Admn./CTD) to discuss regarding 1). inclusion of names of some SDEs/CTD in the seniority list for the ensuing DPC for the promotion from SDE to STS, 2). Extension of Medical benefit to our members those who are under treatment outside  West Bengal 
  Joint Forum met  CGM/CTD to express their views regarding the problems of non availability of activation of recharge voucher in mobile service of eastern region and also discussed all the possibilities for early restoration of technical faults of voucher management in PPAS.    


   State Secretary wrote a letter to the CGM/CTD regarding various   problems of different mobile zones for discussion. >>>click here for the letter


  The respected CGM,ETR,will retire on 31st August 2006 and the respected CGM/ETP will look after the charge of CGM/ETR.
A meeting held with the CGM,ETR on 28-08-2006 with our Association led by the State Secretary to discuss pending transfer & posting cases, pay fixation cases of some of our members and pending officiating arrangement in the cadre of SDE. The CGM,ETR assured our Association that early action would be taken. The meeting was attended by St. President, Asstt.Secy/ETR, Org.Secy/South Bengal.
 one emergency meeting held with the CGM,WBTC on 28-08-2006 with our Association led by the State Secretary to express deepest concern over the serious lapse of non availability of activation of recharge voucher in mobile service of eastern region, while the CGM, WBTC clarified the present constrain and also informed that the recharging facility stipulated two hours for each circle and also SMS was sent to the customers to recharge their voucher who are facing problems due to their zero balance. The Association requested to extend the same benefit of service to them whose balance is minimal.The meeting was attended by Vp(CHQ), St. President, Org. Secy/CTD, Org. Secy/South Bengal,Asstt.Secy/Circle, Zonal secy/CZ and concern member of CMTS.


 AGB Of North East Zone Was Held on 26-08-2006 at cossipore Exch Recreation Club,    VP (CHQ), AGS(CHQ), St.President,  St.Secretary, VP(SHQ),  Asstt.Secy/CTD, Asstt.Secy/Circle, Asstt.Treasurer  and   CWC  members attended  in this AGB. Com. Debabrata Ghosh,President, Com. Samarendranath Ash, Scretary, Com. Nemai Chandra Konar, Treasurer unanimously elected for the next term.


 It is expected that payment of the perks to the executives  of CTD will be made by second week of September.

 AGB of NE Zone will be held on 26th August 2006 at Cossipore Telephone Exchange; CHQ and SHQ office bearers will attend the AGB.


 BSNL Corporate Office issued Order of Perks for the Executives. Click here for copy of Order.


 HOT News at CHQ : 

1. Promotional Policy submitted by the concerned committee  

2. Perks : The Director(HRD) is authorized by BSNL Board to settle queries on professional up gradation allowance.

3. Viability : GS writes to Secretary DOT, regarding pathetic condition of ITI and fate of GSM service in BSNL/West.

------------ for details click on CHQ NEWS above.


 The Transfer, Posting, Reversion  and Local Officiating Order in the Grade of SDE ( Telecom) released by C.O. WBTC. Click here for copy of the Order>>>>>>>>>>>> 


 Orders on Perks for Executives is expected to be issued on Monday 14-08-2006.

    GS along with AGS Shri. Sukhvir Singh makes another meeting with Shri.Y.S.Bhave the Chairman of the Promotion Policy Committee to express the anguish of the members on the delay in the submission of the report. Shri.Bhave informed that the report is now ready for submission and will be submitted on the next working day ie. on 14 th August 2006. He also added that the recommendations of the committee is in accordance with the discussion and decisions taken in the meeting with the Association on 16 th June 2006. The Association will be putting further pressure on the CMD BSNL on Monday itself with a request to place the report before the Director Board Meeting scheduled for 18th August 2006.
 We have reliable information that the cabinet note has been moved by the DPE recommending     the formation of a wage board for pay revision in PSUs. However it appears that the note recommends the merger of 50% DA in the basic to be considered by the proposed wage board. We will be discussing this matter with the authorities in DPE to press for 50% merger immediately without waiting for the recommendations from the proposed wage board.