BSNLMRS Important Instruct from The CGM,WBTC.


Demonstration on call of Joint Forum on 27-07-2006 at Circle/SSA Head Quarters.



   on 27-06-2006 the State Body met the DGM (Admn), CTD and requested to provide another lot of Officiating promotion in the Grade of SDE. The administration agreed in principle to consider the demand positively. State Body also requested for the immediate issuance of Confirmation Order in respect of the JTOs recruited in BSNL and the administration assured to expedite the case.

Members those who are under purview of DPC for Sr.SDE Grade are requested to ensure that their CR Dossier reached in time to the appropriate authority. It is learned that CR Dossiers of 33 officers are yet to arrive.


Transfer and posting order of the JTOs working in WBTC issued by the CGM WBTC (Click for copy of the order).


Transfer and posing in the grade of SDE(T) for ETR circle. (Click here to get the list)


State Body met The CGM ETR and after active persuation the CGM ETR agreed to float option for Officiating in the grade of TES Gr.B (SDE). After long discussion and persuation The CGM also agreed to consider the long pending transfer cases. 

New syllabus for TES Gr. B 25% Competitive Quota Examination :

        1. General Paper ( Click Here)           2. Special Paper ( Click Here)      


State President writes to General Secretary Com.  G.L.Jogi  to protest  against  BSNL’s  covert  attempt  to  wind up  NCES  establishment. (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS)


State Body met GM Finance, CTD  in matters related  to EPF statement and  deferred option of those promoted after 01/10/2006.As per proposed by State Body, GM(F) principally agreed to issue statement of EPF contribution in respect of  JTOs/JAOs  recruited in BSNL.  She further assured to put the same in ‘Medha’ shortly.In regard to deferred option, after  much  discussion, GM(F)  assured to relook into the matter and consider  the  suggestions  made by the State Body  for implementation  of  deferred  option  in IDA  pay-scale.