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<<<06 October 2023>>>

We would like to gladly announce that Rule-8 transfer cases consideration has been started after a long time. It was a tough struggle for SNEA to convince the CGM WB to issue the order since WB is an executive deficient circle. The issue was raised in every meeting for about last one and a half year and the results are now in front of us. We will continue to pursue all the other Rule-8 transfer cases likewise.


<<<26 September 2023>>>

On 26/09/2023 Team SNEA WB and SEWA WB met with Sr. GM Finance on agenda meeting as per submitted agendas by SNEA and SEWA. The meeting was attended by CS SNEA, DP CO Distt, CP SEWA, CS SEWA and DY CS SEWA.

At the outset of the meeting Sr. GM Finance congratulated us for the landslide victory in 3rd MV with 52.07% votes.

In his opening speech CS SNEA conveyed thanks for his kind words and intimated that now onwards SNEA and SEWA together will work in unison and come to his good office to raise issues faced by finance Executives throughout the circle. He also added that a good number of finance executives have become part of SNEA in last membership change over window and even a good number of votes have been casted in favor of SNEA by huge number of finance Executives. So it's our moral duty to raise the issues of Finance Executives in front of Circle management. Also transparency must be prevailed in the system for each and every issue.

Further CS SEWA briefed about the roles of SEWA in protracting the interest of SC/ST fraternity as well as over all BSNL. He also detailed about the alliance of SNEA and SEWA. In conclusion of his opening speech he also emphasized on the proper policy with transparency which is our foremost demand.

Sr. GM Finance acknowledged and ensured the best possible solution for betterment of BSNL as well as Executives.

CP SEWA conveyed that Finance Executives in WBTC are putting their best efforts to uplift the revenue and achieve Target assigned by higher offices.

Sr GM Finance reciprocated that he is recognizing and appreciating Finance Executives whenever someone is doing excellent. Most of the things in WBTC have become streamlined by this time.

After the initial words, the meeting got to the agendas. Regarding EPF issues, from Associations side we conveyed thanks for approving almost all applications of EPF Higher Pension. However, we sought for early resolutions of issues like pending approval of EPF Higher pension, EPF issues of Bankura and Burdwan, deposit for training period contribution and contribution for in between gap period.

Sr GM Finance ensured that he is fully agreed and pursuing EPF issues very intensively for early resolutions. These issues will be sorted out very shortly.

Regarding uneven distribution of finance executives, we showed the strength of finance executives BA/OA wise and requested for posting of executives in even manner by adopting transparent policy and not to adopt any pick and choose method.

Sr GM Finance accepted the fact and ensured to review it and also will take necessary steps to meet up the shortage. He also assured that no pick and choose will be there.

From Associations side we requested for publication of longest stay list of JAOs/AOs  and the shortage of any OA/BA should be filled up from the longest stay list if willing candidate is not found. Also it will be beneficial in giving L/A orders wherever required as per this list. Another one of our demand was to maintain reservation roster as per BSNL CO guidelines. In the continuation, we also requested to consider all OTP cases. There are many cases where OTP applications have been rejected 2-3 times without any reason.

Sr GM Finance acknowledged the same. He ascertained to prepare the longest stay list, but also mentioned that it will take some time to prepare the list. However, OTP cases will be reviewed by him and will try to consider maximum cases.

Next, we requested for allotment of at least one vehicle at OA/BA level for finance executives for day to day works.

Sr GM Finance responded to take up the matter with HR section. But he also mentioned that he is putting his best efforts to allot vehicle for finance executives.

We raised the issue of Temporary Advance as field officers are not getting the Ty Advance in time. In few BA the ty advance requests are being curtailed like anything.

Sr GM Finance acknowledged us that for running the show in the field, Ty Advance is essential and his office is having no intention to delay for making the Ty Advance payment. He intimated us to take up the case with respective BA Heads.

We also discussed about the growth of BSNL WBTC, merger of WB and CTD, IPMS, individual cases and others issues related to finance.

The meeting was very much sound and healthy discussions were made. The meeting lasted for about more than 2 Hr 30 Minutes.

Finally the meeting was concluded and Sr GM Finance assured us that he will review the points of discussion again in the next week and enlighten us about their progress.



<<<23 September 2023>>>

The order letter granting Recognized Representative Association was issued by BSNLCO today.

<Click here for the letter>



<<<21 September 2023>>>

A meeting with exclusive members from Accounts wing was held today with SNEA & SEWA jointly. In this interactive session, issues related to the accounts cadre related to HR were mainly discussed alongside other developmental concerns. The combined team of SNEA & SEWA will be meeting Sr. GM Finance shortly to discuss issued from different BA/OA. We look forward to addressing and resolving the issues shortly.



<<<21 September 2023>>>

With continuous efforts of SNEA WB, the AGM looking after arrangement order has been issued.

<Click here for order>



<<<19 September 2023>>>

On 16/06/2023 SNEA WB team met the CGM WB and pressed hard on the matter of declaring stations in WB as tenure posting. The issue was also raised during CMD visit to Kolkata. We can gladly now announce that all that effort has brought fruition to our hopes and struggles as finally BSNL Corporate Office has announced locations in WB as different tenure postings. 

<Official letter of recommendation (Click here)>



<<<19 September 2023>>>

On 16/06/2023 SNEA WB team met the CGM WB and pressed hard on the matter of declaring stations in WB as tenure posting. The issue was also raised during CMD visit to Kolkata. We can gladly now announce that all that effort has brought fruition to our hopes and struggles as finally BSNL Corporate Office has announced locations in WB as different tenure postings. 

<Official letter of recommendation (Click here)>



<<<14 September 2023>>>

The day of 14th September 2023 will be remembered in history as the day when Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association achieved a feat of winning the 3rd Member Verification of BSNL with a victory count having secured more than 50% votes. This brings to proof the faith and trust the eminent executives of BSNL have put on SNEA. We would like to reiterate that SNEA has worked tirelessly towards securing the rights of the executives. We are overwhelmed with the response we have received and strive to put our whole dedication in working for the betterment of BSNL.


We would like to sincerely thank SC/ST Employees Welfare Association (SEWA), Confederation of BSNL Officers’ Welfare Association (CBOWA), All India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Officers’ Association (AIBSNLOA) & Divyangjan Employees Welfare Association of BSNL (DEWAB) for their trust and continued support to SNEA which has blossomed in this victory.


We would like to share the success results of WB circle to you:-


<Official result order issued by WB (Click)>


Some lighter moments of celebration….












GS SNEA and GS SEWA being congratulated by CMD BSNL:




<<<17 August 2023>>>

Today, 17.08.2023, has been a remarkable day for all the executives in WBTC as the two mighty associations, SNEA and SEWA celebrated their companionship in the first joint meeting held at CTO Building, Kolkata in grand matter.

The meeting was organized by SNEA where all the SEWA Circle leadership and their general members were invited. In the presence of SNEA bonafide members from Circle Office, CAL OA and CNTX-E, the meeting was started by Com. Amit Khan CP, SNEA WB. At the outset prominent leaders from SEWA like Com. Alipta Sarkar, CP, Com. P. S. Das, CS and Com. Tapan Das, DCS were invited to the dias in the presence of Com. Somenath Ghosh, CS, SNEA and Com Promit Gangooly, ACS (HQ).

CP, SNEA at the very beginning set the tone of the meeting with his warm welcome to all the SEWA delegates. Subsequently the CS and ACS, SNEA conveyed their cordial courtesy to SEWA Members. They both in their speech expressed explicitly the importance of SEWA in the MV. Factually the support of SEWA will play a pivotal role in the coming MV for SNEA to get more than 51% of the votes. Also they urged for a long term relationship between SNEA and SEWA for the overall betterment of the executives.

In reciprocation, DCS, SEWA in his short but worthy speech, assured their support to SNEA. CP, SEWA in his valuable speech addressed the house with warmth and urged for a sincere and long lasting bond between the two associations in future. Lastly, CS, SEWA in his as usual impactful address, elaborated the reasons behind SEWA extending their support this time to SNEA. As he is also the CHQ member of SEWA and played a vital role in maturing this alliance, he was very clear in his understanding and also communicated the same to the audience. He also assured that SEWA will extend their 100% support in the coming MV so that SNEA comes out as majority association with more than 51% vote share. At the same time he expected that SNEA will be sincere and remain in synch with them post MV. In reply, both CP and CS, SNEA responded very assertively and also sought valuable mentorship from the veterans from both SEWA as well as SNEA.

In the conclusion, both the associations jointly envisaged a long term, trustful alliance for the betterment of executives. They also vouched to remain supportive, collaborative and positive to each other. As a mark of these, SHQ Members of both associations present on the dais cut a cake jointly as a token of solidarity and friendship.

This is just the beginning that started on a sweet note. We sincerely hope that the relation between the two associations will be everlasting. We both seek support from all the executives in the coming MV to make SNEA a majority association having more than 51 pc vote share with SEWA being its major stakeholder. With that note,
Comradely yours,





<<<16 August 2023>>>

SNEA CHQ Team including Sh. Manish Samadhiya AIP SNEA Chq, delegates from Maharashtra Sh. Tejas Tadsare CWC member, Sh. Nitin Pohare , Sh. Deepak Mahajan, Sh. Prashant Pokhare, delegates from Punjab Sh. Gurbinder Singh Circle President and Sh. Bandhan Preet Singh CWC member visited Sanchar Bhawan - DOT office, New Delhi on 16/08/2023 and met Member (Services) Telecom Sh. Ajay Kumar Sahu ji for discussion regarding the DoT Pension issue for employees whose notifications were issued by DOT.
GS SNEA wrote a letter by incorporating all recent situations on the OPS issue as the last date of submission of representation is 31st August 2023.

Team SNEA also discussed some Key issues like 3rd PRC, Post 2007 recruited batches JTOs and JE to JTO/JAO promoted executives pay loss issues, Standard Pay Scales , Time Bound Promotions (CPSU-CH), increase of Vacancies for Promotions through restructuring review based on new projects assigned to BSNL.

All the above important issues were discussed with Member Services thoroughly & he gave a patient hearing to our Team for around 45 minutes of meeting.

The SNEA Team also met and discussed all the above BSNL key issues with Smt. Roshni Sohni madam, DDG (Est), Sh. Sunil Kumar Verma ji Jt Secy (Admin) & Shri Raiti Madhava Rao ji Director (PSU). We are hopeful for some positive developments on these key issues in the near future.

Link: Letter




<<<11 August 2023>>>

GS SNEA Sh. M S Adasul Sir , AIP Sh. Manish Samadhiya , Joint Sec. North Sh. Jagtar Singh ji, CS SNEA BSNL CO Sh. Arvind Dahiya ji along with Sh. Nitesh Yadav ji met Sh.A.K. Sahu Sir Member Sevices DOT to greet him as he has now taken charge of Member (S).
They briefed about Old Pension Scheme , Standard Pay Scale , PRC and asked for formal appointment to further elaborate the issue clearly. He seemed to be positive towards all our cases. We hope for a positive outcome.




<<<08 August 2023>>>

Respected associations SEWA and CBOWA have joined hands with SNEA for the betterment of all executives across India. SNEA WB welcomes this move and looks forward to a cooperative prosperous time together.



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