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11 FEBRUARY 2021

On 11.02.2021 courtesy meet with newly joined GM(HR) Sri Prabhat Kumar Singh, he will also in charge of GM(TX). From association site CP Sri PK Roy, ACS Sri Somenath Ghosh, ZS COZ Sri Promit Gangooly and AZS COZ Sri Abhijit Sarkar facilitate GM (HR). With the Diary and Calender of our beloved association CP welcome him in WBTC.CP SNEA brief the overall position of WBTC.

SNEA WBTC ensure him full cooperation from our end for development of WB Circle. GM(HR) also assure speedy resolution of pending HR issues and for overall development of WBTC. Click here for Picture1  Picture2


09 FEBRUARY 2021

Today (09.02.2021) one of SNEA soldier Sishir Ranjan Biswas passed away. He was retired from Kolkata SSA on 30.07.2018 as SDE. He was one of the devotee frontline soldier of SNEA WBTC. He was a person who always admire young blood in BSNL. He will be in our heart forever. Rest in Peace.

09 FEBRUARY 2021

Venue of scheduled CEC on 13.02.2021 has been changed to Ti Hall, CTO Building, Circle Office, Kolkata-1 in place of Telecom Factory Alipur. Click for venue change notice.

02 FEBRUARY 2021

Today we have met with the DGM (HR & Admin), WBTC and GM (HR), WBTC. The association side was represented by Sri Somenath Ghosh, ACS and Sri Promit Gangooly, ZS, COZ.

We have conveyed our gratitude to them for the recent cancellation of the transfer order of Sri Narugopal Dutta, ZS, BKA SSA. Also we have requested to consider the prayer transfer cases and Rule -8 transfer cases. Recently few officers are joining under Rule - 8 or cancellation of Rule - 9 cases. We have requested the administration to release some of our members who are waiting for Rule - 8 transfer.


We also discussed the anomaly i.r.o. order issued for SDE(L/A) of Circle Office, where junior got the SDE(L/A) but order for seniors yet to be issued. We demand to issue SDE(L/A) to those seniors immediately.  GM(HR & Admin) assured to sort-out the issue.


01 FEBRUARY 2021

With strong persuasion of circle body, finally the whimsical transfer order issued by management i.r.o. ZS of Bankura Zone Sri Naru Gopal Dutta from Bankura to Kharagpur has been cancelled. Click here for Cancellation Order. Click here for the order.

27 JANUARY 2021

Circle Executives' Committee (CEC) meeting to be held on 13.02.2021 preferably at Telecom Factory,Alipur. All ZP/ZS are requested to confirm their participations and stay at Kolkata before 10.02.2021. Click for the CEC Notice.

23 JANUARY 2021

Today on 23.01.2021, our association has met with the new CGMT, WBTC Sri Tamal Maitra and felicitated him with flower.Sri Tamal Maitra has taken the charge of CGMT, WBTC on 19.01.2021. Our association side has been represented by Sri Pradip Kumar Roy, CP, Sri Tapas Ghosh, CS, Sri Somenath Ghosh, ACS, Sri Manik Ranjan Bhuiya, ACS, Sri Shantanu Chakraborty, CEC Member, Sri Promit Gangooly, ZS, COZ, Sri Mintu Debnath, ZS, CNZ and Sri Abhijit Sarkar, AZS, COZ.

The meeting has been mostly informal in nature where our association leaders greeted the new CGMT, Sri Maitra. Discussions on various topics like recent situation in Circle Office and overall BSNL have taken place. Our association has earlier met him when he was the then PGM (HR). So he is aware of most of our pending HR related issues. Our CS and CP have once again requested him to consider those issues from his level. He has assured to take care of all the issues as far as possible.

Lastly our association leaders have given assurance of our whole-hearted support to him for whatever development work he undertakes for overall betterment of BSNL services in WBTC. Thus the meeting has ended on a positive note.

Click to see the pictures.

23 JANUARY 2021

Ph-III Training of DR JAO at NATFM, Hydrabad through Online Mode w.e.f. 25.01.2021. Click to see the order.

20 JANUARY 2021

On Several occasions SNEA raised the issue to issue the renewal order for all types of Look After Order. Finally the renewal of L/A order has been issued for JTO(T)s who are looking after SDE(T). Click to see the Order.

19 JANUARY 2021

CGMT, WBTC Sri Ramakant Sharma has been transferred from WBTC to MH. On his tenure WBTC reach in TOP positions in most of the parameters. ACS Sri Somenath Ghosh, ZS COZ Sri Promit Gangooly and AZS COZ Sri Abhijit Sarkar meet Sri Ramakant Sharma to convey best wishes for his new assignment, also a momento has been presented to him on behalf of SNEA WBTC team. Click to see the Order. Click to see the Pictures.


SNEA also Congratulate Sri Tamal Moitra , who is taken the charge of CGMT WBTC on 19th January 2021. He was PGM(HR & Admin) and PGM TS. We ensure him SNEA will cooperate him in all aspect for smooth running of WBTC and to achieve new hights.

15 JANUARY 2021

Order for Confirmation of JTOs has been issued. Click to see the confirmation letter.


11 JANUARY 2021

Order for EPF Nodal Officers has been issued. Click to see the order.

04 JANUARY 2021

After several persuasion of SNEA, management has started issuing prayer transfer cases(Inter SSA). Click to see the order.

01 JANUARY 2021

Wish you a very very Happy, Healthy and Colorful New Year 2021.

This year we should get all our pending claims by fighting against all odds.

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay united and keep faith.

31 DECEMBER 2020

Today(31.12.2020) is the last working day of our beloved Circle Secretary Sri Tapas Ghosh, he is retiring from service on superannuation. His tireless effort and dedication towards BSNL as well as Sanchar Nigam Executives'Association are example for new generation. He served in different level of association at CHQ and Circle. Whole SNEA fraternity Wish him a very very happy retire life.


Today also one of the veteran leader of SNEA Sri Sankar Sanyal retired from service on superanuation. He is President of SNEA CTD. Whole SNEA fraternity Wish him a very very happy retire life.

17 DECEMBER 2020

All members are requested to participate Today's Twitter Campaign.

Kindly support the Twitter campaign on 17.12.20 demanding non post based Time bound functional promotion w.e.f 01.07.2018.

Comrades, non post based time bound functional promotion only will give us career progression after Restructuring and VRS. 

It is for the promotion for all the Executives, minimum up to AGM Grade and thereafter to DGM and above. 

It is a common issue for all the Executives and those become Executives in the future. 

 Hash tag   #ReformHRPolicies_BSNL

Tweet to

CMD,BSNL  @cmdbsnl

Hon Minister @rsprasad

Secretary, DOT @DoT_India

Director HR  @arvind9963 

(Every Tweet shall contain Hash tag and Profile tag)


08 DECEMBER 2020

JTO(T) to SDE(T) DPC data Preparation status of WBTC.

AIEL 1 along with VC and SCR reports already sent.

AIEL 2 along with VC sent. Today SNEA Circle body meet PGM HR and requested him to send the SCR by tomorrow without fail.

AIEL 3 sent, VC and SCR under preparation.

05 DECEMBER 2020

Holidays for WBTC for Year 2021 published. Click here for the list.

27 NOVEMBER 2020

AIEL-3: Revised AIEL 3 published for WBTC. Click here for the revised AIEL-3.
If any discrepancy found, that should be informed with documentary proof within 04.12.2020 to the mail id
Also requested to give a copy to so that circle body also can pursue the same for correction.

27 NOVEMBER 2020

CHQ announce Trade union program for Regular Promotion in all stream from 01.07.2018 onwards with parity through the new promotions policy approve by the board.

1. Lunch Hour demonstration at BSNLCO, Circle and SSA HQs on 02.12.2020.

2. Protest Day on 10.12.2020 by wearing Black badges.

3. Twitter Campaign on 17.12.2020.

4. Hunger Fast from 04.01.2021 to 08.01.2021.

5. Indefinite Hunger Fast from 15.02.2021 onwards.

All are requested to open Twitter account and follow @sneachq , @gssnea and @SneaWbtc


11 NOVEMBER 2020

AIEL-3: Draft AIEL 3 of WBTC for JTO(T) recruited/promoted against Recruitment Year 2009 to 2012. Click for the list.


If any discrepancy found, that should be informed with documentary proof within 18.11.2020 to the mail id
Also requested to give a copy to so that circle body also can pursue the same for correction.

09 NOVEMBER 2020

AIEL-1: AIEL 1 has been published after corrections. Click here for the list

06 NOVEMBER 2020

With the wholehearted effort of KSH Zone and Circle Body, the Mutual Transfer order of Deepesh Das, JTO CM KSH and Anupam Chandra, JTO(NWO-CM-I),Circle Office has been matured. Click here for the order.

06 NOVEMBER 2020

BSNL Corporate Office revised CDA rule upto 05.11.2020. Click here for Revised CDA Rule.

06 NOVEMBER 2020

After several persuasion by SNEA Circle Body, CGMT finally issued letter to all Units to Rotation of Executives who are holding same post for long time. Click here for the order.

31 OCTOBER 2020

AIEL2: As per inputs received from different units/executives, AIEL2 has been corrected and has been sent to BSNL Corporate Office.

30 OCTOBER 2020

Rule 8 transfer of Sh. Rajesh Kumar, JTO (TF) from Telecom factory to UP(E) has been matured due to active and continuous persuasion of Circle Body.

21 OCTOBER 2020

Circle Office issued instructions/guidelines regarding consolidation of Business Areas of WBTC. Click here for the letter.


20 OCTOBER 2020

AGB of Coochbehar Zone on 20.10.2020:

The president of SNEA,CoochBehar Zone started the AGB by welcoming all, Com. Circle Secretary,Circle president,Circle office bearers,CWC member,Zonal executives and all comrades of this zone and nearby zone,the president delivered his welcome address and narrated the reason of non conducting the AGB in time due to Covid -19 & mainly due to closing of the TDM office for about one year by security guards.All the members of this zone attended in the AGB on 20.10.2020 held in the TDM office campus(Ist floor). Three members and all the leaders of the SHQ attended in the on line system(Google meet). The farewell of the retired employees(VRS & normal) could not be done due to Covid -19. The Zonal Secretary placed his report by describing all all the matters during last tenure.

     Both the reports had been passed by the house. Due to unavoidable reason, our Circle secretary & Asst. Circle Secretary were not present. Circle president,two CWC members were present and delivered their valuable speech one by one. At last the present Zonal body has been dessolved and new body has been formed unanimously.

 Newly elected Executive Body of SNEA,COB Zone

Chairman-Sri Bipul Nandan Chakraborty,

Vice Chairman- Sri Utpal Bhattacharjee

1) President–Sri Debdibakar Chakraborty

2) Vice Presidents- Sri Susanta Debnath, Subhamoy Das

3) Zonal  Secretary-Sri Susanta Deb

4)Asst zonal Secys-Sri Rajarshi Mukherjee Sri Swarup Sil

5) Organizing Secy. -Sri Bikash Prajapat

6)Treasurer- Sri Amit Paul

7) Executive Body Member -Kamlesh Kumar

 The president has announced the end of the AGB.

16 OCTOBER 2020

DoT issued instructions to all Ministries/Departments/CPSEs of Govt. of India to mandatory use of BSNL and MTNL network at Govt. offices. Click for the instructions.


DoT issued instructions to all state sectaries for mandatory use of BSNL and MTNL connections in all govt./PSU offices. Click for the letter.


BSNL Corporate Office also endorsed above letters.

16 OCTOBER 2020

AIEL3(2009-2012): BSNL corporate office instructed all circle to prepare data for AIEL-3 for recruitment year 2009-2012, and send the same by 30.11.2020. Click here for the letter.

14 OCTOBER 2020

Form 16 is now available in sancharika

After login to Sancharika, Under Form 16 tab of Staff Section you can download Part A and Part B by putting your PAN number.

If you don't have access to Sancharika, you can directly Download it directly by using URL by putting your PAN number

12 OCTOBER 2020

BSNL Corporate Office issued guidelines regarding closure of Telecom Factory Kharagpur(BA 7204) and Merger with Kharagpur SSA(BA 3405). Click here for the order.

12 OCTOBER 2020

Publication of Provisional AIEL2 for JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion for the recruitment year 2002-2008. Click for the letter. List.

10 OCTOBER 2020

On several occasions when we meet CGMT, he said now their is no such problem to disburse of funds for Ty Advanced. But not more than 3 unsettled Ty Advance documents should be against any individual.

For making payments of urgent funds against any Ty. advance, the details should be sent to following mail IDs through IFA.,

04 OCTOBER 2020

Updates Regarding most waited Form- 16 of FY 2019-20

Competent authority of Taxation Team in C.O. inform that Form-16 is now ready and it will be provided to all concerned Circles on 5th October-2020 (Monday).
The said Form-16 will be available on Staff section under Sancharika Portal.

02 OCTOBER 2020

Zonal Secretary of Kolkata SSA Zone Sri Mintu Debnath has been tested COVID-19. We all pray for early recovery.

01 OCTOBER 2020

Mediclaim for Employees:

Today at Circle office we hold a meeting with all association for implementing MEDICLAIM for all willing employees of WBTC.
Mediclaim providers will be called by next week to submit quotations. Base on received quotation and facilities offers by them, best one will be selected. It's understood that if someone opt for this group mediclaim, his/her premium will be less than 30-40% of individual premium. We need to identify probable number of willing candidate who may opt for Mediclaim , so that we can negotiate more with operators.

A comittee consisting members from all association/union has been formed for the same. ACS Somenath Ghosh has been selected as Sectrary and Partha Ghosh from AIGETOA has been selected as President.

Please submit your willingness through below link.


Black Day will be observed on 01.10.2020 as called by AUAB.
In protest against:

1) Cancellation of the 4G tender floated by BSNL.

2) Failure of BSNL management to upgrade existing 49300 4G compatible BTSs and procuring another 15000 BTSs(4G) through existing Phase VIII.4 tender Add on order and launching 4G services.


Circle body meet Sr. GM(Finance) on 29.09.2020 to discuss different issues of Account wings. Circle Body also request for posting of JAOs at different Customer Service Centre at District HQ . CS also submit a letter mentioning the issues of Account wings with Proposals.


Circle Office issued letter for calling options for posting of SDE(T)/JTO(T) at different BA HQ. Click here for the Order.


Due to continuous persuasion from SNEA WB, Circle Office issue the letter mentioning Sanction Strength of WBTC and TF Executives and Non Executives. Click here for the  Order, WB Executive, WB Non Executive, TF Executive, TF Non Executive.


As per scheduled, formal meeting has been held with all recognized Associations/Unions regarding Restructuring of BAs. The meeting chaired by CGMT,WBTC. Also PGM(HR & Admin), DGM(HR & Admin), DGM(Finance) was present from official site. From SNEA, Com CP Pk Roy and Com ACS Somenath Ghosh were present. Representative from other recognized Association/Unions were there.

Details discussion were made regarding restructuring. All representative shared their views. The discussion was mainly as per line we lastly discussed with CGMT on 17.09.2020.

We request to hold same types of meeting by BA heads with recognized Association/Unions at BA level for smooth implementation.

We strongly opposed the order issued by Circle Finance  wings on 24.09.2020 transferring Account officers without consulting.

We also request to post Finance executives on CSCs. CGMT, WBTC instruct DGM(Fin) to hold official meeting with SNEA.

We also request to mature Rule 8 cases.



A formal meeting has been called with all recognized Associations/Unions regarding Restructuring of BAs. Letter



A fruitful meeting was held with CGMT WBTC 17.09.2020 at his chamber in view of the ensuing Restructuring exercise and overall Development, HR and other issues in WBTC.
In the said meeting, SNEA, WB was represented by, Sri Pradip Kumar Roy (CP), Sri Tapas Ghosh (CS) , Sri Manik Ranjan Bhuniya (ACS(TF)), Sri Somenath Ghosh (ACS (T)) and Promit Gangooly, (ZS(COZ)).

At the beginning CS thanked CGMT for giving his precious time for this meeting. Since after the EMV’2020 it was the first formal meeting with CGMT, WBTC, our CS assured him of our positive and constructive role as the Support Association as before.

After a brief talk on general health of overall BSNL, extensive discussion took place on the recent restructuring exercise in WBTC as per the order of Restructuring Cell.

Our CS apprehended the viability of the idea of BA formation according to the Revenue aspect as Revenue is very much variable and thus this whole exercise may not be as robust as it should be depending on the Revenue criterion. Also such exercise without sufficient manpower may not be as fruitful as desired. Some of the points which have been strongly conveyed regarding possible transfer in this exercise to the CGMT are as follows:
There should be as minimum transfer as possible in this pandemic.
The transfer policy should be transparent.
Any whimsical pick-and-chose transfer will be strongly protested.
The prayer transfer already existing should be given priority if that is feasible.
Option may be called from the executives within the same BA jurisdiction for posting at BA Head Quarter and candidates may be chosen depending on uniform criteria.

In this regard it has also been proposed that JAO/AO s may be given more importance and some of the non-technical or semi technical jobs may be conferred to them in this exercise. CGMT was very much amicable to all these proposals and assured to consider all the above points while finalizing the exercise. He also informed that in this restructuring process JEs will also be given very much importance which we readily appreciated as this will be very much motivating and learning process for the young JEs.

Next it was requested to the CGMT to consider all the Rule-8 cases sympathetically. The CGMT has assured to consider all the prayers as far as possible.

We also brought in to the notice of CGMT about some of the recent transfers taken place in Durgapur Division and asked for his immediate intervention in the best interest of our service. In this context we have given our specific suggestions for better maintenance of MSC, NIB and other services at Durgapur.

Considering the overall situation in WBTC, we requested CGMT to give more importance in EB, FTTH, Transmission and CM. It was also brought to his notice about the long pending requests of Temporary Advance and its disastrous effect in the service. CGMT informed his awareness about this issue and told the Temporary Advances are being allocated as and when funds are available. But he has shown his discontent as the outsourcing model is still not being matured by the BAs.

The present situation in Coochbehar SSA has also been referred for his immediate intervention as services in the SSA are getting badly hampered due to the ongoing agitation by the Security Guards for the last almost one year. The CGMT has informed that he has discussed the matter with the concerned SSA Head and told him that payment of 7 months will be disbursed shortly. Accordingly SSA Head should meet the District Civil as well as Police administration. Even after that if the situation does not improve, the case will be referred to DOT to take up the matter with State administration.

At last, we requested him to arrange for cashless treatment for the COVID-19 affected employees. He assured to look into this matter as it is very much relevant. However on request of Insurance coverage for the employees, he advised to take up this issue with Corporate Office.
The meeting concluded with our representative expressing gratitude to the CGMT for his patience to listen all these issues. In turn CGMT also appreciated SNEA for its genuine concern about overall BSNL and its employees. Thus the meeting ended with a positive note.

CS submit a letter to CGMT, WBTC on restructuring. Click here for the letter.


Today(16.09.2020) Circle President Sh. P.K. Roy and Asst. Circle Sec. Sh Somenath Ghosh met PGM(HR & Admin) to discuss about restructuring and other issues.

We intimate PGM(HR & Admin) about the stand of SNEA on restructuring, that SNEA appreciate the move of restructuring but as in WBTC huge shortage of executives so its may create a mess.
PGM(HR & Admin) also in same opinion. PGM(HR & Admin) brief us about the ongoing restructuring plans.
HR section also doing exercise on it. As intimated PGM(HR & Admin), CGMT wants to meet recognized and support association shortly.
PGM(HR & Admin) intimate that to make the BA operational, executives at BA head quarters are required.

We request to consider all the prayer transfer and Rule-8 cases during this restructuring.

We request PGM(HR & Admin) to arrange for cashless treatment for COVID affected employees. PGM(HR & Admin) replied that it might not possible as no hospital is coming forward for offering cashless to BSNL, but BSNL will reimburse the claim amount as per norms.

We also request PGM(HR & Admin) to take the necessary steps to offer group medical insurance for all.


BSNL Corporate issued guidelines for extend immunity from Transfer to Recognised representative association and Support Association. Click here for order.

28 AUGUST 2020

BSNL Corporate Office issued guidelines for Consolidation of Business Area (BA) and Rationalization of Work and Delegated Power. Click Here for the Order.

24 AUGUST 2020

We have won confidence from 293 executives of WB and in total 11,158 executives in all India. Thanks to each and everyone for supporting us.
Thanks giving Letter to all by CP & CS SNEA WBTC.

23 AUGUST 2020


First of all I like to congratulate all my beloved members of SNEA West Bengal. Without your dedication and solid rock mentality, we could not stay united and that has been reflected in the 2nd MV election result. As an Association we have achieved a good support from all over India also though some small factors resisted us to be no.1 in BSNL as a whole. Now it is our satisfaction that we are no.1 at least in West Bengal. So the members have bestowed us great responsibility for coming years. We have to work together to resolve all the issues at Zonal & Circle level for the sake of our members and BSNL WBTC also. As Circle President of SNEA WB I thank all the Zonal Secretaries, Zonal Presidents, Zonal Office bearers of different Zone as a whole from Circle Body. I want to thank specially my Zonal secretary Promit Ganguly, Zonal President Saibal Chakraborty, Zonal Treasurer Tapas Pal for extending good support and enormous effort with our new Captain Somenath Ghosh who has done a splendid job in this 2nd MV on behalf of Circle Body. I also congratulate our Circle Secretary Tapas Ghosh, General Secreatry K Sebastin, CHQ President A A Khan, AGS Dilip Saha and other CHQ office bearers for timely motivating all our members in Video meeting also. Last of all I must have to thank all the active retirees of SNEA WB without whom we could not achieve success in West Bengal. Thank you all.
P K Ray
President SNEA,WBC

All my dear Circle Office Bearers, CWC members, Zonal Secretaries, Zonal Presidents, Zonal Office Bearers and beloved Members
At the end of the day , on behalf of our West Bengal Circle Body as Circle Secretary I convey my heartfelt congratulations to all of you as you everyone has delivered your best sincere efforts in such a pandemic situation to make the MV in WBTC a remarkable one - specially our young brigade were continually in touch with our beloved grassroot members through telephonic conversation or VC - for your contribution, dedication I am hopeful on 22nd August we will get majority association recognition in West Bengal - don’t be disheartened - we should be more responsible in the days to come to address the issues mainly for the revival of our WBTC as well as BSNL and to pursue the unresolved issues at the level of SSA, Circle & Corporate Office - now the time to analyse what mistakes we did and what to be done in coming days organisationally for the growth of our beloved Association at all levels because I feel our beloved Association only can show the vision & mission for our survival in all respect - lastly again I convey my heartfelt thanks to our young brigade for their contributions and I believe from the core of my heart that our young brigade of West Bengal organisation will make the Association more more better to resolve all the issues of our beloved members and also to deliver sincere efforts for revival of WBTC -
Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary
Dear friends
With immense pleasure I would like to convey sincere thanks to each and every individual executives of WBTC,ETR,ETP,ITPC, QA & NGN on behalf of SNEA WBTC to choose SNEA WBTC as number 1 in WBTC.
Thank you very much to all of you to keep faith in SNEA WBTC team.
On behalf of SNEA WBTC, I am assuring you that SNEA WBTC team will always stand with you for betterment of BSNL WBTC and its Executives.
We will be pleased to receive feedback from you all for betterment of WBTC, and waiting to hear from you.
Once again Thank you to you all.

Somenath Ghosh, ACS, SNEA WBTC

Click here for 2nd Executive Membership Result published by BSNL Corporate Office

Vote for SNEA, Vote for No: 9, Vote for Unity
Your support will make us more strong, from 13000 plus to 15000 plus, crossing 51% votes in 2nd MV.
Give us 51% vote, SNEA assure you E2 and E3 Pay Scales


Submission of memorandum to the MPs
As per the call of AUAB, submit the Memorandum to the Hon Members of Parliament by 31.07.2020, seeking their support for 4G launching and BSNL Revival as per the Union Cabinet decision.
The memorandum may be forwarded to Hon MoC in the following address: Shri Ravishankar Prasad, Hon Minister for Communications & IT, Sanchar Bhavan, New Delhi, 110001.
Email id:

Twitter campaign on 05.08.2020
Open Twitter accounts for all employees including subordinate staff. Similarly CS and SSA Secretaries have to open the Twitter account and instruct all the members to follow the Twitter account of CHQ, Circle and SSA. 
SNEA/CHQ can be followed on

We have to make it as a big social media campaign demanding 4G launching and BSNL Revival.
CSs and SSA/Dist/Branch Secretaries to monitor the progress in Memorandum submission and Twitter a/c opening for staff.
Our future depends on BSNL Revival


6 AUG 2020

District/ Branch/ Zonal AGB meetings & New Committee

02/08/2020 the 11th AGB meeting of SNEA Durgapur Zone was conducted successfully in the gracious presence of WBTC CP Mr P.K.Roy, CS Mr Tapas Ghosh, AGS CHQ Mr Dilip Saha,CWC Member CHQ Mr Srikanta Awan, ZS of Asansol zone,Burdwan Zone,Suri Zone,Bankura Zone,Krishnanagar Zone.
At first Comrade Dilip Saha AGS CHQ elaborately discussed on the present condition of BSNL and different HR related issues which was fought by our Mighty Association. He gave us his valuable suggestions to get more than 51% vote in this Membership Verification.
Comrade Tapas Ghosh CS WBTC discussed on present condition of our organisation and association too. He shared his valuable vision that how this new generation association members will continue the glory of this mighty association to a new level of excellence. He also gave us the message to fight united in the upcoming membership verification.
All other leaders of different zones gave their valuable words to enrich the association. Old Zonal body disolved and new body take over the charges .

Zonal President -
Tanmoy Panja
Vice President -Bhaskar Sutradhar
Zonal Secretary -
Rahul Das
Astt. Zonal Secretary 1-Putul Kalai
Astt. Zonal Secretary 2-Bholanath Karmakar.
Bidyut Roy
Organising Secretary- Kushalendu Bhattacharya.
CEC 1- Mahmudul Hasan
CEC 2- Ajit kumar Singh
Auditor-Prasanta Garai
Finally Circle President Comrade P K ROY sum up the meeting with his excellent speech and ends the meeting with vote of thanks.
19.07.2020 is the memorable day for SNEA CNZ, they successfully conducted AGB meeting through Video Conferencing with ZOOM app. Almost all the members (Present and retirees) along with members of CNZ body, Circle body joined the AGB.
Zonal President Com. Debasish Sen Sharma welcome all participants followed by observation of 1 minutes silence to the memories of departed souls.
The house confirmed the minutes of the last zonal conference.
Zonal Secretary Com. Asis Sarbadhikari placed the zonal secretary report before the House that has been passed in house.
Zonal Treasurer Com. Kana Mridha placed Treasurer report before the house, but this report has not been passed due to some discrepancy. And one committee has been formed to review the report.
Circle Secretary elaborately shared the present status of present burning issues like pay, promotion, SAB, present status of pay issue of 22820, E2-E3, E1+5 Increments and conclude his speech with a hope that SNEA is becoming the majority association with more than 50% votes of executives.
The existing Zonal body has been dissolved and unanimously elected the new body as follows under direction of Com. Subirmoy Roy.
1) Zonal President:
Suman Barua, JTO Electrical
2)Vice President- Sushil Mondal, JTO/Mktg.
3) Zonal Secretary -
Mintu Debnath, JTO/MM
Susanta Gorain, JTO/BB
5)Organization Secretary- Pritam Khan, JTO/IPTAX
6) Asst. Zonal Sec.- Subodh Mahato, JTO/KKD
7) Asst. Zonal Sec. - Arindam Choudhuri, JTO/ETR
8) CEC - Avishek Bhattacharya, SDE/ETR
9) CEC - Jayanta Acharya, SDE/HBA
10) CEC - Samar Adhikari, JTO/HWH
11) CEC - P. Surja Kumar Singh, AGM/NWOP
12) Auditor - Uttam Sadhukhan, SDE/CDO
New Zonal body took the oath and the meeting successfully ends up by President Com. Suman Barua.
12.07.2020 is the memorable day for SNEA WB. 1st time in history of SNEA WB successfully conducted AGB of Circle Office Zone through Video Conferencing (Google Meet). Almost all the members(Present and retirees) along with members of Circle body(CP,CS,ACS, CWC etc),Zonal Secretary of others zones of SNEA WBTC joined the AGB.

Zonal President Com K.Sinha welcomed all participants followed by observation of 1 minute silence for departed souls.
Self introduction have been made by all participants.
The house confirmed the minutes of the last zonal conference.
Zonal Secretary Com Tapas Kr. Ghosh placed the zonal secretary report before the House.
Zonal Treasurer Com Sankar Biswas placed Treasurer report before the house.
Both the Zonal Secretary report and Treasurer reports have adopted and passed by the House.
Circle Secretary elaborately shared the present status of present burning issues like pay, promotion, SAB etc. CS categorically mentioned about present status of pay anomaly issue of 22820, E2-E3, E1+5 Increments. CS also clear the stand of SNEA about promotion, by any means SNEA will make it happened.
CS also clear that the rumours speared by other association on Pay, promotion, SAB.
CS concluded his speech with a hope that SNEA is becoming the majority association with more than 50% votes of executives.
The existing Zonal body got dissolved and unanimously elected the new body as follows
1) Zonal President:
Saibal Chakraborty, JTO EB
2)Vice President- Bhaskar A. Ganatra, JTO Civil
3) Zonal Secretary -
Promit Ganguli, JTO,CM
Tapas Pal, JTO, Rctt
5)Organization Secretary- Somnath Mondal, JTO BB
6) Asst. Zonal Sec.- Avijit Sarkar, JTO MM
7) Asst. Zonal Sec. - Suprio Mondal, JTO Civil
MAITRAYEE BAGCHI has been selected as Auditor.
Following members are elected as CEC Members:
CEC Members - Santanu Chakraborty, JTO Civil
CEC Members- Partho Samanta, JTO Mtkg
CEC Members- Tuhin Dutta, JTO EB
New Zonal body took the oath from Circle President. CP conveyed the best wishes for the new zonal body.
All the members of Newly elected zonal body share their views and current issues and ensure to try their best to resolve all pending issues. Other members also shared their views and issues.
19-07-2020 AGB of Burdwan Zone has been conducted successfully by SNEA WB Circle in the second half through video conferencing (Google meet). Almost all the members of the zone along with members of Circle Body(CP , CS , ACS , CWC ) have joined in the AGB.
Zonal President Com. C.N Mukherjee welcomed all the participants followed by observation of 1 minute silence for the departed souls.
Self introduction have been made by all participants.
The house confirmed the minutes of the last zonal conference.
Zonal Secretary Com Ashis Chakraborty placed the Zonal Secretary report before the House.
Zonal Assistant Treasurer Com Mukesh Kumar placed Treasurer report before the House. Both the reports have been adopted and passed by the House.
After that all the Circle leaders delivered their speech. Circle President and Circle Assistant Secretary shared the present burning issues like Rule 8 Transfer, Pay, Promotion, SAB, etc. Then Circle Secretary elaborately discussed about present member strength of SNEA and other association and role of our members in the upcoming membership verification. Circle Secretary concludes its speech with a hope that SNEA is becoming the majority association with more than 50% votes of executives.
The existing Zonal Body got dissolved and unanimously elected the new body as follows-
1. Zonal President:
Samir Kumar Karmakar; AGM/BDN
2. Vice President: Shah Md Wayes ; SDOP/BDN
3. Zonal Secretary:
Sudipta Sinha ; JTO /BDN
4. Assistant Secretary: Dibyendu Ghosh ; SDE/HR
5. Treasurer:
Mukesh Kumar ; JTO/FTTH
6. Organising Secretary: Debasish Sarkar ; JTO/CM
7. Organising Secretary: Sunil Kumar Dutta ; JTO/BDN

Moly Choudhury has been elected as Auditor.
Following members are elected as CEC members:
1. Nirajksha Mati ; JTO/SBZ
2. Viswaranjan Banerjee ; JTO/ETR

Then New Zonal Body took the oath from Circle President. Circle President conveyed the best wishes to the New Zonal Body.
All the elected new Zonal Body shared their views and current issues as well as ensured that they would try their best to run the organisation smoothly.
Meeting successfully came to an end with the vote of thanks.
26/07/2020 the esteemed AGB meeting of SNEA Berhampore Zone was conducted successfully in the presence of CS Mr Tapas Ghosh, CWC Member CHQ Mr Srikanta Awan,ACS Mr Somnath Ghosh and all the SNEA members(present and retired) of Berhampore Zone.
At first Comrade Tapas Ghosh CS WBTC elaborately discussed on the present condition of BSNL and different HR related issues which was fought by our Mighty Association. He gave us his valuable suggestions to get more than 51% vote in this Membership Verification.
He also discussed on present condition of our organisation and association too. He shared his valuable vision that how this new generation association members will continue the glory of this mighty association to a new level of excellence. He also gave us the message to fight united in the upcoming membership verification.
Old Zonal body dissolved and new body take over the charges.
Zonal President -
Tanmoy Mondal.
Vice President -Saptarshi Lahiri.
Zonal Secretary -
Shesadri Biswas.
Astt. Zonal Secretary Bungmay Mondal.
Astt. Zonal Secretary -Sadhan Layek.
Amit Biswas.
Organising Secretary- Samiran Biswas.
CEC 1- Souvik Bhattacharya.
CEC 2- Snehasis Chandra.
Auditor- Tushar Kanti Singha.
Finally former ZS of Berhampore Ananga Mohan Das sum up the meeting with his excellent speech and ends the meeting with vote of thanks.
26/07/2020 the 11th AGB meeting of SNEA Bankura Zone was conducted successfully in the gracious presence of WBTC CP Mr P.K.Roy, AGS Mr Somenath Ghosh,CWC Member CHQ Mr Srikanta Awan, ZS of Burdwan Zone,Kharagpur Zone,AND MEMBERS OF BANKURA ZONE.

All other leaders of different zones SHQ leaders (Comrade Somenath Ghosh & CHQ Leader Comrade Srikanta Awin gave their valuable words to enrich the association.
Old Zonal body disolved and Comrade A K ASH nominated as chairman for the announcement of new zonal body.
New Zonal body proposed by comred Amit kr Singha and supported by Comred Milan Khawas as below--
Zonal President -
Vice President -SARBANI CHAND
Zonal Secretary -
Astt. Zonal Secretary 1 - SMITA SINGHA
Astt. Zonal Secretary 2 - ANIRUDDHA MAHATA
Organising Secretary- SAURAV DUTTA
Finally Circle President Comrade P K ROY sum up the meeting with his excellent speech and ends the meeting with vote of thanks

31 JULY 2020


It is very Unfortunate and painful to hear demise of our colleague and member in ETR, Sri Akhil Sarkar, DGM(Fin)/ETR due to covid-19 attack on July 27, 2020.

The State committee deeply mourn his demise.

With heartfelt condolences I would like to inform you all that Com. Barun Kr. Das, Ex. active member of SLG Zone passed away at 21.30 hrs on July 27, 2020. He was very active and jubilant in all sphere of life.

The State committee deeply mourn his demise.

Settlement of claims and family pension of Late Pranab Kr. Laha

As you know our beloved member Late Pranab Kr. Laha, EX SDE Durgapur expired on 04.11.2019, after his sudden demise that family was going through a tough phase as no claims and family pension was settled.

SNEA SHQ took the case and continuously pursued with CCA to settle the issue even in this pandemic situation.

After a continuous effort of Circle body of SNEA WBTC, that case has settled. The State committee feel pleased to stand behind his family.

Congratulations to two new Zonal Bodies of Bankura and Berhampur Zone. The virtual AGB meeting was held on July 26, 2020 : Sunday.

Congratulations to new Zonal Body of Central North Zone, SNEA/WBC. Com Suman Barua, Com Mintu Debnath and Com Susanta Gorain unanimously elected as new President, Zonal Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The old executive committee was completed more than 5years at a stretch (2014 to 2020). The virtual AGB meeting was held on July 19, 2020 : Sunday.


Annual General Body Meeting of SNEA Kharagpur zone was held at the GMT conference hall, Kharagpur on 14th March 2020.
From SHQ Com. P.K.Roy, circle President SNEA WBTC, Com. Srikanta Awon,CWC Member, SNEA WBTC, Com. Mihir Bose, Vice President, SNEA WB, Com. Somenath Ghosh, Asst. Circle Secretary SNEA WB, Com. Manik Bhuinya Asst. Circle Secretary (TF) SNEA WB, were present on the AGB. The AGB was inaugurated by Com. J.K.Bisoi, Zonal President, by lighting the lamp. This was followed by observing silence for one minute in the memory of departed comrades and self introduction of the members. After the minutes of the previous AGB meeting was confirmed, the Zonal Secretary and the Treasurer placed their reports which were adopted. At the open session, the Chief Guest GMT Kharagpur Mrs Mira Mandi delivered her speech about the developmental activities that are to be done for the revival of BSNL. The quorum was then addressed by other SHQ leaders.
27 MAR 2020

On 21.03.2020 SNEA WB and AIBSNLEA WB meet CGMT, WBTC for the present Corona situation. From SNEA Com CP PK Roy, CWC Member Com Srikanta Awon and ACS(T) Com Somenath Ghosh were present.

Details discussion held about the present situation and the effect of COVID-19. CGMT, WBTC is very much scared about the situation and convey to take all kind of precautions by each and every individual. CGMT, WBTC also inform liquids soap will be available at toilet, if sanitizer get from market it also to be kept at office premises.

We request CGMT to allow to work from home and shutdown of offices for next week. CGMT informed that he is also in same opinion but as no such order is issued by Corporate Office and State Government so he cannot issue this type of order. But he asured to instructed unit heads to manage their works with deploy of available staff on shifting as per their convenience.

We also request CGMT to convey the present situation , facts and panic created among each and every employees of BSNL about COVID-19 to CMD, and he assured the same.

Regarding VRS Option window:

It is intimated that BSNLCO has directed ERP Core team to incorporate some changes in VRS Option screen in ESS Portal and is under development.Most probably VRS Option window will be opened by today (05.11.2019) afternoon.

Meanwhile BSNLCO has directed ITPC Pune to
develop an App for VRS Calculator .The VRS App calculator link may be like an app to be installed in mobile or may be given as web address and is now pending for approval from competent authority.

Exercising of option is through ESS Portal. After submission of VRS Option, the Employees have to submit the
printout of VRS Option form in Triplicate duly signed in Blue ink to concerned administrative office within 3 days from the date of exercising the option.


27 FEB 2020
AGB Suri Zone :: Annual General Body Meeting of Suri Zone SNEA Held on 19.02.2020 in a festive mood and great enthusiasm. Com Sankar Sanyal, Com S Awon and Com Somenath Ghosh was attended from Circle Body to make the conference success. All members of Suri Zone was present. The VRS opted officers was also present except few.
The meeting started after paying homage to departed soul by keeping silence for one minute and self introduction. Zonal secretary Com SP Das addressed his Report and explained the situation and Organization position after VRS. 10 Nos of Members has been taken VRS from Suri SSA and now the membership strength is 16.
Treasurer placed his audited account and passed by house. Thereafter all members present in the house expressed their views and discussed about future programs.
After dissolving Old Zonal Body  the House for processing election of officer bearers for next term, only one Panel submitted for office bearers and the same has been accepted. The Following members are declared elected as office bearers for next tenure.
President – Com Koushik Bhakat, AGM, Vice President: Mohit Khandelwal, SDE BSC, Zonal Secretary- Com Debkanta Das, JTO Mobile, Tresaurer – Sandip Pal, JTO Mobile, Asst Secretary – Com Pinaki Mistri SDE Adm Mktg, Com Ashok Kora JTO ETR, Org Secretary – Firoz Seikh SDE CFA Suri

Senior Members among retired members are agreed to take care of the future proceeding and there names are included as advisory member Sri Subrata Kr Mukherjee, Retired On VRS (AGM CFA) Ex President & Advisory Chairman : Com S P Das, Retired JTO Ex Zonal Secretary.
After completing election process the newly elected office bearers has taken oath from Com S Sanyal as per Constitution of SNEA.
The Circle leaders addressed to the House and explained so many thing related to VRS, Next work environment etc, discussion was also done on Development works like installation of CPAN, Rigger contract etc.

Meeting with GM(F), WBTC

On 20.02.2020 Circle President Com. PK Roy, CWC Member Com. Srikanta Awon and ACS(T) Com. Somenath Ghosh meet Sr. GM(F), WBTC to discuss the following issues -
1) Circle President demand for immediate disbursement of GPF for normal retirees ( on superannuation) .
Sr.GM(F) assured that the same will be released by 22nd of February 2020.
2) Farewell fund to SSAs :
SNEA WB demanded for release of farewell fund to SSAs for VRS-2019 as well as normal retired (on superannuation) who yet not received conventional gifts & memento from management.
SR. GM(F) informed that the fund for farewell already allotted, HR section should distribute the same.

27 JAN 2020

Meeting with CGM(T), WBTC

On 22.01.2020 SNEA WBTC CP Com PK Roy, CS Com Tapas Ghosh, CWC member Com Srikanta Awon and ACS(T) Com Somenath Ghosh meet CGM WBTC and the following issues has been discussed.

Telecom Factory, Kolkata will be merged with WBTC w.e.f. 1st Feb.

2. As per BSNL Corporate Office guidelines,
CTTC Saltlake should be closed soon, only RTTC will remain operational. CS strongly oppose the proposal and request CGMT to retain the CTTC Saltlake as it's one of the highest revenue making CTTC in India.

3. To
strengthen Transmission wings, Posting of at least one SDE at Circle Transmission, and SSA transmission. CGM assured the same and also told a trans O&M team to be formed at SSA also.

4. Regarding
outsourcing of Outdoor plants in post VRS: Initially outsourcing will be made at SLG, DRJ & GTK for trial basis, there after it may be implemented in other area also if required.

5. CGM also express that minimum outsourcing are being done considering the good number of manpower in form of listed labour available at WBTC, and they will be utilised at maximum.

6. On meeting on 18.01.2020 at Corporate Office with CGMs and CMD, CGM discussed elaborately about the out comes of the meeting and also assured that BSNL will turn back, and now the fund position is better and CO started to released the funds on vital heads.

Transfer order to home SSA for VRS optees will be issued before 28.01.2020.

8. CS request CGM to
post at least one Regular AGM in Each SSAs for smooth running of SSA.


A Circle Office Bearer along with ZS/ZP meeting was held at Telephone Bhawan on 07.01.2020.

Agenda of the meeting was
1. Welcome speech by Circle President.
2. Organizational activities in post VRS scenario.
3. Misc. if any with the permission of the house.

Meeting was started about 4PM, all the ZSs/ZPs of Kolkata based zones along with Burdwan, Kharagpur and Krishnanagar zones were present in the meeting.

CP welcome all the participants with the new year 2020 greetings.

CS started the discussion about organizational activities in post VRS sceneries, and it is decided that for zones from where ZS/ZP is retried / opted for VRS / going to be retired on superannuation on 31.01.2020, AGB to be conducted as an earliest and new Zonal Body to be formed.

A tentative date have been fixed of teh AGB for the Zones as below:
1. Suri - 19.02.2020
2. Jalpaiguri - 23.02.2020
3. Asansol - 01.03.2020
4. Durgapur - 08.03.2020
5. Burdwan - 22.03.2020
6. Berhampur - 29.03.2020
7. Bankura & Purulia - 05.04.2020
8. Kharagpur - 10.04.2020
9. Kolkata SSA within February.
10. Circle Office within February.

CS also inform that a CEC to be held in the month of May preferably on 9th & 10th May 2020.


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