*The BSNL Management Committee discusses the report of the committee appointed to study the issues on Time Bound Policy etc. However one more sitting of the Management Committee is required to approve the minutes. The same will have to be placed before the BSNL Director Board for study and approval. The whole process is expected to take at least two to three weeks.

*Some Latest Orders issued recently by the CGM. WBTC::

  1. Local Officiating Promotion in the Grade of TES Group 'B'  (Renewal and Reversion)  No.SF/TC/P-10/XIV/2005-06(Officiating) dated 27.04.2005. Click for order>>>>>>>>

2.  Minimum qualifying Service period for TES Group 'B' Officiating Promotion.No. SF/TC/P-10/MISC/2005-06 dated 26.04.2005. 

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3.  Volunteers from Officers STS of ITS Group 'A' (DEs) and TTAs for posting as Principal and TTA (Instructor) (Switching, Transmission and Computer Faculty) at CTTC, Kolkata.No. SF/TC/P-10/TRG/2005-06 dated 20.04.2005. Click for Order>>>>>>>>>>

4. Immunity from transfer for longest stayee officers in West Bengal Telecom Circle. No. SF/TC/P-10/MISC/2005-06 dated 28-04-2005.

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The report submitted by the committee appointed for going into the demands raised by us will be examined by the BSNL Management Committee Meeting to be held on 28th April 2005. This will again be placed for approval by the BSNL Board in its meeting slated for 29th April 2005.


* Joint forum of BSNL /MTNL Unions/Associations to hold Lunch/Closing Hour demonstrations and to submit memorandum to CMDs BSNL/MTNL today ( 19thApril 2005 ) on various issues concerning the profitability and financial viability of BSNL/MTNL. Circles/SSA units to hold Lunch/Closing Hour demonstrations and submit copy of the Memorandum to Heads of Circles/SSAs on the same date.

**Joint forum of BSNL /MTNL Unions/Associations of West Bengal arranged mass Rally and deputation to the Hon'ble Governor of West Bengal on the issues e.g. 74% FDI, ADC,Unbundling of copper wire etc.

** The C.G.M.  WBTC, Kolkata has been issued Local Officiating Promotion in the cadre of Junior Telecom Officers vide order no. SF/TC/P-8/TFR/XIV/2004-05/Loose dated 16th. April,2005.

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* Transfer and Posting int the Grade of STS of ITS Group'A'. Click for Order>>>>>>

** Local Officiating Promotion in the Grade of STS of ITS Group 'A'. Click for Order>>>



* During the discussions held with the Management as a part   of the agitational programmes the compromise formula     worked out with the Management. This is yet to be finalised. Discussions are in progress. The Management's stubborn and adamant attitude is most disturbing. Further organisational actions may be warranted. 
(1) Letter from Convener of HLC. Letter No. BSNL/HLC/1-1/2004 dated 5-4-2005. >>>>>>>
(2) Letter from United Forum of Executives. Letter No. UF/Jt.DDG (SEA)/1/4/05 dated 7-4-2005. >>>>>>>
(3) BSNL Executives' Promotion Policy. >>>>>>>


* United Forum of Executives held a series of discussions with Director (HRD), Sr.DDG (Estt.), DDG (SR), DDG (Estt.), etc. on the various issues concerning us. The Management still seems to be adamant in their stand on service weightage and functional promotions. Circle Secretaries/ SSA Secretaries may keep the members geared up for further action including second phase of agitation.

** File for raising the EPF contribution of JTOs recruited after 1-10-2000 at 12% without any ceiling is awaiting the approval of BSNL board.


* On active persuation of the SNEA(I), W.B.State Branch,Transfers and Postings in the Cadre of JTOs of WBTC has been issued by the CGM ,WBTC vide NO.SF/TC/P-8/JTO/TFR/XIV/2004-05/Loose. Dated 02 April,2005 . 

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Perks and advances for the Non Executive Employees of BSNL - Orders issued as per the National Council decision. Order No.15-8/04-PAT(BSNL) dated 31-03-2005>>>>>


  * Editorial - Continue the war to wipe out ITS Raj to secure complete     Justice>>>>

 ** Agitation March 2005 - Brief Resume.>>>>>>>>

*** United Forum of Executives responds to Management "Record of discussions held on    23.03.2005". The forum questions the Management on unwarranted, misleading and false statements/propaganda on "unconditional withdrawal" and also submits its views on the various demands.

**** As stated by the Hon.MOC & IT during our discussions on 23-03-2005 morning, options has been called for the absorption of Grp 'A' officers in BSNL / MTNL with definite time frame.



**  The C.G.M WBTC issued order for  Transfer and Posting and Inter-Circle transfer and posting in the cadre of SDE vide no. SF/TC/P-10/XIV/2005-06 dated 08.04.2005.Click for order copy>>>>>>